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Asheville, NC, 28806
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Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.



Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

harvesting the warrior within

Ra Ma

Venus Day blessings beautiful,

Do you feel the moon waxing? I sure do. This week has been i n t e n s e and it seems we have all been feeling all of the feelings. Sunday's Aries Full Moon (exact at 5:08 pm EDT) is a ripe time to witness that which needs to fall away, and that which needs to be radically re-imagined. Notice what is arising within your psyche. Most likely, somewhere, a chain of outdated paradigms passed through the generations of your ancestral lineage is coming to the surface to be cleared.

Relationships (Libra Sun) are in focus while the divine Spark of creation, the 'I AM' consciousness is being illuminated (Aries Full Moon). We are being tested by the exact square of Pluto in Capricorn to the Sun and Moon. . .meaning we are being tested by traditions, by institutions, by governments, by corporations, by the patriarchy. Where do we give away our sovereignty, over and over again?

The Moon is conjunct the asteroid goddess of disruption Eris, who is reminding the feminine that fierce truth and awakening is the remedy. Meanwhile the Moon also trines (beneficial gifts flowing if one is open to receive) Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct the asteroid goddess Ceres. The great Earth mother is beckoning alongside the teacher of spiritual wisdom that TRUTH is the way through.

Through the ages humanity has been dulled down to forms of slavery and oppression. We are now living in times that spiritual courage is essential. We must be the warriors of our destiny. We must actively work on behalf of that which we believe. Nothing will get easier any time soon.

Instead we must get stronger. We must find ways to embody that which helps us to thrive. And we find a way to commune with the Divine, to fall into prayer, to fall into Love.


Falling into prayer is the same thing as falling in Love. It is an infinite fall. You can never come out of it. And in all of human existence these two experiences are the highest.

—Yogi Bhajan

My top tools for you to thrive in these times:
1.  A daily practice.  Yes, daily.  It is non negotiable.  I will continue to remind you.  Meditate, breathe, walk, stretch, dance.  It doesn't matter what you do, just commit.

2.  Commune with your ancestors.  Connect with those whose shoulders you stand upon.  Remember that which has been forgotten.  Give offerings.  Say hello to the Otherworld.

3.  Ground into the Mother.  Be with the Earth.

4.  Sleep.  Sleep is essential in these times as we are receiving immense energetic upgrades.  Sleep allows your systems to integrate.

5.  Eat well, drink well.  

6.  Unplug from electronics for at least an hour a day.  It is crazy to think that sounds revolutionary, however we are on a fast track to major device addiction.   We must set a solid example for our youth.

7.  Take time to enjoy.  Life is meant to be celebrated, even in the hardest of times.  Finding joy is finding Creator.

I have a wide variety of events to support you during this Aries lunation. Please consider circling up with me tonight at West Asheville Yoga studio from 7:30-9:30.  We are going deep with a potent meditation to bridge our psyches with the creative thinking that is essential to the Aquarian Age.  Tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 I'll be in Hendersonville at YAM for meditation and long gong.  I'll be offering a special Full Moon class in my weekly Women's Kundalini class at WAY from 4-5:30 during the precise alignment of the Full Moon.

This week I am also unveiling details about the Adi Shakti Coven Spiral Three.  We will begin the third spiral at the end of this month, and I have two tracks, a virtual option for those afar or time limited and an in person, in-depth option for those who live in the Asheville region. The in depth option is space limited and requires an application.  You may find out more below.

Finally, there has been resounding interest in 2020 pilgrimages.  The details are still in the works, however please save the date, and consider spreading the good word for these two journeys to Egypt-- 

Architecting your Queendom:  Activating Royal Courage, 7-21st February, 2020 for womxn, who are ready to fully step into their majesty as sovereign, resilient beings.  This pilgrimage is limited to 8 Queens of Destiny. 

Resurrecting Ancestral Lineage:  The Divine Child Awakens, is a pilgrimage open to women, men, trans folk, and mature adolescence.  We will pilgrim 9th-23rd of December 2020. 

If you are feeling the call to either of these pilgrimages, please email me direct so I may send you the details and application.  May you allow the flames of this lunation to purify the chains of ancestral oppression.  May you crown yourself in the glory of your regalness with this Aries Full Moon.    


Infinite blessings,

Ra Ma


Ra Ma

Time and again, I have made a pledge to send these love notes to you each Friday, no matter what the circumstances are in my life. However, I've been abroad in Egypt for almost a month stewarding an eighteen day pilgrimage. For the first time ever, I put aside my weekly commitment to writing to you, to be fully present to the task at hand.

As we all know, time and how we utilize it is of the utmost sacred in life. In the past twelve months, Egypt has transformed me beyond my wildest dreams. What I have observed is that when one is in Egypt, they truly get to experience the collapse of time and space, as time, memory, and the present moment, all seem to shift, slow down, and bend.


The North Star Council pilgrimage was truly potent and powerful, and in many ways it felt as if my entire life was preparing me for this great work. What I am presently integrating is how to become even more sophisticated with how I utilize my time. I am devoting the next days and weeks to crystallize with precision my upcoming offerings including future pilgrimages, the Adi Shakti Coven Spiral 3, and my patreon page, and I look forward to sharing the clarity with you.

On September 18th, Saturn stationed direct in its home sign of Capricorn, bringing the two master teacher planets, Saturn and Jupiter to their home signs, with forward momentum. These teachers are asking each one of us to apply the wisdom of the lessons of 2019 and 2018, to actually enact the visions we have been holding in our hearts and mind's eye. With just about eight weeks left of Jupiter in Sagittarius, now is a prime time to build and grow.

The astrology will continue to intensify, however life asks each one of us to hold the tension, to find power in being stretched beyond what we think is possible. I believe in you. I know you are capable of so much more than you imagine. It is an honor to walk alongside with you in our cosmic, conscious evolution.


Infinite blessings,

Ra Ma

We need your medicine more than ever ✨

Ra Ma

These times we live on Earth seem to be some of the most important in the story of humanity. We have each done such significant evolutionary work this year of 2019. The astrology of September encourages us to stay the course, being anchored to the Earth while calling to the High Heart and our unique destinies, particularly because the collective North Node is conjunct Sirius throughout September.


In ancient Egypt Sirius was called Sopdet. She is a celestial goddess, the brightest visible star, only outshone by Venus. The Sirius teachings are of a high caliber, offering deep love and elevation of consciousness for Earth. With the Sirian codes we have the potential for true soul awakening, spiritual gifts, and to be of Divine Service.

The Ancient Egyptian calendar was based on lunar cycles of about 30 days and the heliacal rising of Sirius, as the Nile flood was timed by the cycles of this Star. As we continue to dance with many of the personal planets in Virgo, who is an archetype of the Great Celestial Mother, a goddess who carries vision, healing, and fertility, we have the ability to build our personal destinies in these times.

I invite you to think back to the Leo New Moon, to the Lion's Gate portal and the seeds of the Virgo New Moon. Call upon your ancestral team for protection and support as you continue your cosmic evolution, giving offerings on behalf of this important work.

Although I do not share this openly, I consciously call Sirius in all of my offerings. As I find myself at the threshold of pilgrimage, I am exploring this connection deeper than I ever have, and knowing the conjunction with Sirius, I truly feel pulse of the power that is available to each one of us on Earth at this time.

We are dissolving outdated paradigms while anchoring radical changes. As I wrote during Midsummer, these are times where spiritual courage is essential. May you find your way through with ease and grace, knowing that we need you and your medicine more than ever.

A Garnet New Moon

Ra Ma

This Virgo New Moon is so juicy and alive that I've barely been able to sit still and write to you on this Venus day. Last night we circled up in my temple living room in honor of this lunar cycle and sipped on tonics that were crafted in honor of the month to come. I always put together these tonics through a process of intuition. Garnet spoke loud and clear to me.

Garnet medicine is juicy, connecting us with the root chakra and in turn assisting one in their journey of manifestation. As garnet nourishes the blood, garnet goes to the liver, heart and kidney, helping one to celebrate the joy of being alive and embracing the passion of life. We are so blessed in these Appalachian mountains as we have garnet that is over 450 million years old here.

The Virgo New Moon was exact this morning at 6:37 am at 6°46 Virgo. This New Moon is the 2nd of a series of three Super New Moons and the closest one to Earth in 2019. We have a powerful Virgo stellium with this New Moon that includes the Ascendant of the chart, the path of fortune, Mercury, Juno, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus. Virgo is the healer, the humble servant, the hermit and one of mutable Earth that knows how to move and shift anything around to make manifest. Virgo teaches how to digest our lives, in turn showing us absolutely every single detail that impedes our ability to digest or let go.


I love the archetype of Virgo as the Great Celestial Mother, a goddess who carries vision and fertility. This particular New Moon deepens the theme of the divine lovers that began with the Leo lunation at the end of July. A powerful earth trine assisting you in anchoring seeds of intentions so that they may take root and become manifest. With the tightest conjunction in this chart being Mars, that which you set into motion has the ability to truly move forward.

The beauty of the Earth trine is that the Capricorn energy wishes for you to claim that which is most meaningful, to preserve the precious, while Uranus in Taurus is rippling in the innovative genius solutions in this time of new potentials and paradigms.

Ultimately this New Moon is a call to the practice of embodiment. We are going to explore this theme deeply tomorrow night at West Asheville Yoga in Accessing the Key of Life. There are a couple of special meditations we will experience together, in addition to going deep into the concept of Divine Union within and the sacred symbol of the ankh. All levels and all abilities are welcome, and I would love to gather with you.

Welcoming the Great Celestial Mother

Ra Ma

Virgo season is officially upon us, as today the Sun moves into the archetype of the servant and holistic healer, meeting up with Venus and Mars. Juno will join them in a stellium on Saturday. The connection between Venus and Mars demonstrates the divine feminine merging with the divine masculine, while Juno symbolizes the asteroid goddess of partnership and relationship.

The theme of hierosgamos, the sacred merging continues to be front and center, however we are switching from the fiery passion of Leo to earthly Virgo. I feel Virgo is often misunderstood, linked with dry and efficient terminology. Virgo is the virgin, and even this word has been misused in our culture. In actuality a virgin is a woman who has complete sovereignty over her body, complete freedom, complete choice.

The highest archetype of Virgo is the great celestial mother who brings the Heavens to the Earth. To accomplish this takes discernment, purity of consciousness, and a true desire to serve.


After our powerful pilgrimage Women at the Well and finding myself in the midst of traveling home, I am integrating so many threads of this great work. Being on the sacred Isle of Avalon for almost three weeks is such a gift, and each year replenishes my spirit to keep up.

Next Friday we welcome the Virgo New Moon and add another layer to this great love affair that seeded itself with the Leo lunation. Any great love affair must begin with an authentic union within. We are at a place on the planet where this sacred inner marriage is essential to our collective healing. The Brazilian Rainforests burning are offering reflection of the hot grief of the Earth Mother. It is necessary for each one of us to commit to our sovereign paths of sacred marriage within, which also means taking accountability for our healing.

This Sunday I resume my regular teaching schedule through Wednesday, September 5th. From early September through early October I'll be abroad stewarding another pilgrimage, so if you are in the Asheville area, please come circle up with me. I have two celestial themed events that I'd love to welcome you to. . . Virgo New Moon Womxn's Wisdom circle and Accessing the Key of Life.


Infinite blessings,

Ra Ma

Our greatest work is integration

Ra Ma

I trust the Aquarius Full Moon has revealed your wild Truth and perhaps genius potentials to birth in your life. What is becoming more and more clear is that in 2019 we have been stripped to hang on the hook like Inanna for a reason. When we make space in our lives, we create an opportunity to experience something fresh, something perhaps we never even visioned.

This lunar cycle, beginning back with the Leo New Moon, has introduced a theme of great love, of ascended love. And as the seeds of this love are nourished and nurtured, what becomes most clear is that which we already know. To experience anything in the outer world, we must first experience it from within. A union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine must come from within before we may experience that in our personal lives and in the collective. Our greatest work is integration.

Our current cosmic weather is supporting this. The Aquarius Full Moon also illuminated the polarity of how important it is for each one of us to radiate from our personal creativity and brilliance, while also being deeply connecting to the fabric of humanity through community and the collective.

We are reminded again and again to bow to the heart, to allow the heart to rise above the head, staying connected to our personal time travel devices. And the high intellect of Aquarius offered the space to mentally digest the great transformations we have undergone this year thus far. We may ask ourselves, what cultural norms do we need to break free from?

This is a lunation to feed all that makes your heart radiate and expand. To find ways to integrate the lost and hidden parts of self. To honor the beauty of all that is around you. And to continually be brave, to be a disruptor to the outdated paradigms by claiming true authenticity and sovereignty.

Avalon rose.JPG
lady chapel.JPG

This week we have threaded ceremony throughout the sacred Land of Avalon. It has been so special to anchor back to this Land that has held me throughout my entire adult life. I am so grateful to be here and continually blown away by the magick that is available here. As the mystic Dion Fortune said, 'Glastonbury has ever been the home of men and women who have seen visions. The veil is thin here, and the Unseen comes very near to Earth.'

The Aquarius Full Moon also brought us through the Lunar Gate of Lughnasadh, and our harvest is ready to enjoy. May you be filled with a bounty of all that enriches and nourishes your heart beyond your capacity to dream, bringing love and beauty to the core of who you are. May you claim your sovereign authority as the Queen and King of your divine blueprint, on behalf of your personal integration, your ancestral healing, and all of humanity.

Full lunar blessings from the Isle of Avalon,

Ra Ma

stonehenge solo.JPG

Portals of Prosperity

Ra Ma

The astrology this moonth takes us to the depths of our hearts and in those depths we have the ability to rise higher and higher. I often share the significance of one of the Ancient Daoist teachings, that the heart is literally seen as the one organ through which are able to traverse time and space. This means that our hearts are a time travel device.

I write these words to you from the heart chakra of the Earth, the Isle of Avalon as I prepare to welcome a potent group of women for an eleven day pilgrimage. This is my third year of offering an annual pilgrimage and has become the foundation of my work, as I find this work essential to the cosmic evolution of our Earth, our lineages and our bodies. There is something so powerful about being on these sacred sites with a group of intentional and aligned people, like clear quartz crystals.

As I write these words I am literally sitting on the crossing of two dragon ley lines, known at the St. Michael and Mary lines, which I refer to as the Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene lines. The energy here is rich, and now that the Lion's Gate portal fully open, all on Earth are able to receive an abundance of lightcodes from the star Sirius. I am able to feel the palpations stronger than ever. I have been weaving in and out of this land for the past sixteen years, and know that Avalon will always be one of my soul homes on Earth.

On August 11th, Jupiter will move forward while Uranus will move retrograde, creating a frequency of forward momentum in our lives, while we are also being asked to be open to radical changes that must come from deep within. On August 14th Venus will conjunct the Sun and a rebirth of the Goddess of Love will ignite our hearts and a whole new 8 year cycle of prosperity and potential! On August 15th we have a truly abundant love filled Full Moon that is so juicy. My prayer for you is that you utilize these activations for your greatest benefit.

Humanity is going through such great change, and although at times it seems desolate, we are doing the important work of clearing our ancestral lineages, which is essential to further our spiritual growth. Allowing yourself to clear the old grief patterns is essential. Falling in love like never before with the Earth is essential.

May your harvest be filled with a bounty of all that enriches and nourishes your heart beyond your capacity to dream. May you claim your sovereign authority as the Queen and King of your divine blueprint. The Lion’s Gate opens for you to receive ancient and intergalactic codes of wisdom for these times. The Lion’s Gate is an activation when the star Sirius, known in Ancient Egypt as Sopdet, would rise before our Sun in the morning. Sirius is a special star that is a great teacher to Earth and all of Her beings. I have a deep starseed connection to Sirius and braid these frequencies into my craft.

I am holding your prayer requests here within the veil of Avalon. Please feel free to keep messaging them my way if more arise.


Dragon blessings of prosperity and pure possiblity from the Isle of Avalon,

Ra Ma

Beauty Codes for Humanity

Ra Ma

Venus day blessings dear One,

August is a month of beauty codes streaming in from the cosmos, as Venus, the goddess of love is a shining star in the astrology of this month. The Venusian realm is one of creativity, harmony, sensuality, the art of relationship, beauty and culture. Venus teaches that human liberty depends on an intimate relationship with the natural world.

Foundation is everything, and it is essential to cultivate any partnership from a nourished well. The Venusian teachings are one of self love and self care. A true Queen, and a true King is a being who is of service and devotion to their community. Many stories and fables have shown us royalty who have gone sour, yet true leadership is the willingness to give consistently with the love of an open heart.

First to serve self, to give to oneself with the love and devotion you long for is essential. To unite the divine masculine and the divine feminine within. To truly care and tend to the self, so that from this rooted and grounded space, you may give to others. From this solid foundation there is an ability to enjoy life, to savor the pleasures and the beauty that abound. And to create! Create, oh creator!


Throughout most of the month, Venus, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Juno all align in Leo, weaving a story of the birth of new love, of fated love, of destined love and partnership. Love between lovers, friends, business partners and children are all emphasized. There is so much potential, particularly with Uranus in Taurus activating opportunities for radical changes!

Next Thursday the Lion's Gate portal opens up, with Venus offering Jupiter's expansive gifts as Sirius rises on Earth. Sirius is a fixed star that offers many wisdom teachings to our planet. As we approach the Aquarius Full Moon, the Sun and Venus will come into direct conjunction, distilling more love notes from this glorious giver of creativity, partnerships of all kinds, pleasure and sensuality.

We are also in the midst of the gate of Lammas, also known as Lugnsadh, which peaks into this month's Full Moon. This is the Summer cross quarter festival, a time of feasting and celebrating the great Grain Mother. In ancient Celtic times this was when tribes would come together, particularly at sacred trees, holy wells, hilltops or ancient cairns.

She who is seed, she who is womb, she who is soil, she who is the Provider of Life, she who is the regenerative power. . .again, we are reminded as the Wheel of Life turns that we are renewed by death. . .life, death, life, again and again.

This is a time to collect seeds which can be saved and planted next Spring. It is a time to relish the sunshine. It is a time to gather and process our own inner harvest, the fruits of our active phase manifest in the outer world. We are reaping both physically and metaphorically.

This is a natural season to pilgrim, and is why three years ago I began stewarding an annual pilgrimage this time of year. In just a week we are gathering at the sacred wells of Avalon and Cornwall, at ancient sacred stones, traversing the dragon lines that are part of the Earth's energetic matrix. If you have particular prayers that you would like shared at these sites, send me a message and I will bring your offerings on our journey in confidence.

August bestows so much potential to honor the juiciness of life, where we may wed our human creativity with Nature in a true love affair. May you celebrate the art of living. May you live with elegance. May you walk in beauty.


Ra Ma

This Eclipse season has stripped each one of us down to all that is essential.  We are in a cauldron of alchemy, and our transformation is still in effect.  As we culminate July's Eclipse portal, the Lion's gate opens today, coming on the heels of the Mayan calendar's annual day out of time on July 25th.

The Lion's Gate opens each year as the heliacal rising of Sirius, a bright blue star, that some believe is an essential key to the story of humanity and our Earth.  Many cultures around the Earth are deeply connected to Sirius namely the Mayan and the Ancient Egyptians.  The Sirius stargate opens as the zodiac is in Leo, opening royal courage, resilience and radiance for all of humanity.  This energy amplifies each year from the 8th of August to the 12th of August.  Being on sacred portals of the Earth, near water are beautiful ways to access this abundant energy.  

In honor of this special time, I am offering a Rebirthing workshop tonight at West Asheville yoga, where we will clear our subconscious stories. We are going deep, while diving into the portal of the heart. A long gong will seal this practice, all levels and abilities are always welcome.

We are on a sacred journey of bounty as we look towards next Wednesday's New Moon, when Mercury stations direct. If you are in Asheville, please come circle up with us Tuesday night in my temple living room on the Dark of the Moon. Venus enters Leo on Saturday bringing hearth and warmth to all of our social and loving exchanges. As we are wringing out from a very wet Cancer season of eclipses, it is time to integrate and hold to our most potent and wildly blissful visions that will create the New Earth.

With devotion

Ra Ma

In an astrology session with a client earlier this week, the affirmation that came through was that it was time for her to claim every act of her life as an offering of devotion to the Goddess. And I wish the same for you too! Goddess/God, whatever you call the Source of all of Creation needs your devotion now more than ever. Our true mastery is to embody and anchor this devotion now on Earth. Our Earth needs this now more than ever. Humanity needs this more than ever.

The astrology of these times is all about stepping up and taking accountability. In that journey, many of us are being challenged to stand our ground. We are tested with situations that give us the opportunity to become more firm and clear. Some believe the more aligned they become, the easier life is supposed to be. However, the more aligned you become with the Otherworld, the greater the tests, as you have a greater capacity to hold more.


The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16th at 5:38 pm EDT will illuminate our greatest Truth. Saturn, the karmic South Node (our past struggles, gifts and where we get stuck), Pluto and the Full Moon are all in the energy of Capricorn, with Pluto and the Moon right next to one another. The Truth will be on center stage, while shining a light on the North Node (our collective destiny), the Sun and Venus in Cancer. Eris, the goddess disruptor will square the Nodes of fate, offering challenges and even more opportunities for growth. Neptune retrograde in Pisces offers us an ability to see where we have not been clear and where it is wise to make adjustments. We may trace this Eclipse back to January 16th for a greater connection to this story we are weaving.

We were made for these times. We are enough to be here. Each one of us has particular gifts and talents that are required to inspire humanity into right relation with Mother Earth. We are letting go of the spaces our frequency is not serving, so that we may be steered in the appropriate direction where we are of true need. And our trust in the process is essential.

In this eclipse portal I am offering a meditation and long gong on Saturday in Hendersonville at YAM. During an eclipse, time speeds up, and hidden doorways reveal themselves. 'Your guide to thrive' is a gift I've created to assist you during this season. I am also offering 18% off all one on one sessionsfor the month of July with code ECLIPSESEASON. The gates for the Women at the Well pilgrimage close July 15th. An intimate group of us are coming together to weave a deep healing that will be dedicated to the feminine Heart of humanity.

These are Sekhmet times. These are times to be in our courageous Truth and to stand for what authentically we know and feel at all times. Even when it may not make logical sense. Sekhmet is known for the power to heal and the power to destroy. She is an Ancient Egyptian goddess that is often misunderstood and quite often feared. Isn't it interesting that the truth tellers are often misunderstood and feared?


Hymn to honor Sekhmet
by Nicki Scully

Lion-Hearted Lady of the Solar Ray,
dwelling within the realm of Light. . .
we ask to blend with your powers
of Courage, Strength and Honor,
so we may reclaim the Beauty back
to our earthly Life.
Oh Great Goddess, devourer of time,
destroyer of illusion!
Help us clear the destructive and
heavy stagnant patterns,
within our body and mind.
Bring Life, Vitality, and Willfulness
to our Soul Destiny,
and Joyful Healing to our Hearts.
Great Sekhmet. . .we greet your Glory,
this day in Gratefulness.


☥☥☥ Resurrection, rebirth, and renewal are yours ☥☥☥

Ra Ma

How are you doing this Eclipse season? I am finding this to be a time of letting go, while being given many opportunities to find humor and brightness in the full on weirdness that is emerging. Eclipses bring Truth. Truth that we need to see, know and feel. The Full moon mid month is certain to reveal more clarity through truth.

During an eclipse, time speeds up, and hidden doorways reveal themselves. 'Your guide to thrive' is a gift I've created to support you during this season. You will find a link to it on the homepage of my website. I am also offering 18% off all one on one sessions for the month of July with code ECLIPSESEASON.

A month from now I'll be traveling to the UK for the Women at the Well pilgrimage. I can feel the power in my bones that we will weave, as this pilgrimage opens up a gate to tap into the breadth of emotions, creating a ripple through time and space that offers healing to the heart of Woman across humanity. Given all of the growth of 2019, many of us are in great of a sacred pause. And to do so at one of the holiest wells on Earth is a true gift.


Resurrection, rebirth and renewal are yours in this year of 2019, particularly in July’s potent Eclipse portal.

We are stripping away all that no longer serves with Saturn, the Karmic South Node and Pluto in Capricorn. This Eclipse portal is shedding light on our karmic curriculum and that which is ready to be sealed. This powerful Capricorn conjunction is highlighted with July’s Eclipses.

Foundations we’ve relied upon are being shaken beyond our imagination. Intense is the new normal. And as we are shedding we are also welcoming wide open, bright possibilities. It is exciting as at any given moment a bouquet of bounty may be bestowed.

Neptune in Pisces is offering a higher heart centered vision if we are willing to see through the mists, into the great realm of Spirit. These times require devotion to our Highest Truth, self care, prayer, offerings and daily practice. As we are all in our own version of free fall, it is through a daily devotion that we may claim some footing.

Giving gratitude for all that is working is essential. Welcome positivity. Be wide open for your wildest dreams to seed an ocean of possibilities. Channel Isis as Queen of Rebirth. Imagine her regenerative powers being offered to you as a salve during these times. Feel the power in the potential. Tap your own bones to awaken to your ancient ancestral mineral wisdom. And may you know that through this sacred weaving, we are eternally blessed.