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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Vibrational Elixirs

Ra Ma Kaur is a highly observant soul-soother, change-maker and alchemist who loves working with women. Ra Ma calls on her study of Kundalini Yoga, Daoist Stone Medicine and Astrological Divination to inform her community offerings:  weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women’s lunar gatherings, ceremonies and international retreats. In Ra Ma’s apothecary, you’ll find handcrafted stone and plant medicines infused with mantra and meditation. Ra Ma completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification at Kripalu in 2006, a 60 Hour Prenatal Kundalini Teacher Training in 2008, and earned her 220 Hour Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification in 2015.  She has completed 2 of the 5 modules necessary for Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification.  She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and daughter and serves as the President of the Board of the French Broad Food Coop.

Vibrational Elixirs

These handcrafted elixirs are an alchemy of Stone Medicine, Flower Essences, Herbal infused vinegars and tinctures.  These are vibrational essences much like homeopathy.  Each elixir is made intentionally with mantra--sacred sound codes and in alignment with profound cosmic portals of Astrological significance in pure spring water.  The stones are regularly cleansed and recharged in an ancient Daoist way.  The herbal medicines I make come straight from my garden or are ethically and lovingly wild harvested.  All flower essences are made with my highest intentions.  I use the highest quality apple cider vinegar and/or brandy for a preservative in these elixirs.

It is a gift to share these elixirs with you.  To share my medicine with you is sharing my Truth with you.  These elixirs are a culmination of many years of plant and stone medicine study.  Click on any image below to learn more about each elixir.  Please email me if you have any questions or a special order request.      

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I have recently purchased the Shen sleep elixir and recommend it to anyone who wants a pleasant tasting, non pharmaceutical sleep aide. I fall asleep more quickly now and I do not wake up as often. Thank you Ra Ma.
— Gisele Perez
Ancestral Heart Healer

Heart Tonic  |  Repatterning Ancestral Lineage  |  Transformation

Through our ancestral lineage we carry so much that we are often not even aware of.  Patterns and heart breaks in our lives are often a replaying of age old lessons and stories that are passed down through the genetic codes of our ancestral DNA.  Many of us on Earth came here to heal our lineages.  Ancestral Heart Healer will assist you on this journey.  

Moldavite is the star stone in this elixir as it raises your consciousness and truly awakens the wisdom of the heart.  Both Watermelon and Green Tourmaline offer up deep nourishment in this elixir while gently pulling away that which is ready to be released,  detoxifying the physical body, emotional body and energetic bodies.  Both Watermelon Tourmaline and Morganite specifically heal ancestral patterns.  Rose quartz works to harmonize this blend and Hawthorn extract preserves the elixir.  Hawthorn berries nourishes all matters of the heart, regulate blood pressure and improve circulation.

1 oz purple glass bottle

Ingredients:  Essences of Moldavite, Green Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Morganite and Rose Quartz.  Extract of Hawthorn Berries in Organic Grape Alcohol.  Spring Water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Destiny Muse Elixir

Destiny Activation   |  Heart Awakener  |  Prosperity

Our greatest need is to listen to our hearts.  Our hearts hold our divine blueprint and are designed to guide us through these times.  Expand your mind to embrace limitless possibilities.  The time is ripe to shine bright and be courageous.  Be the Queen of your destiny.  This elixir was infused on the Leo New Moon 2016 in Arkansas Spring Water and then combined with Lion’s Gate water and Chalice Well water from Glastonbury, UK.  The Lion’s Gate water is all about manifestation.  The Chalice Well water is iron rich and some of the finest, most healing water in the world.

Rhodochrosite will assist you in channeling the Muse while Pyrite will ground this journey and reflect you so that you truly know who you are.  Garnet will connect you to the root energy, the Kundalini energy of manifestation while Moldavite moves karma fast as it raises consciousness and truly awakens the heart.  This elixir is harmonized with Self Healing Himalayan Quartz that assists with healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Mullein flower essences allows you to be able to witness your dark side and create inner self nurturance as Rosemary extract protects and midwifes the space of magic for this activation.  

1/2 oz blue glass bottle.  A limited edition formula.

Ingredients:  Essences of Rhodochrosite, Pyrite, Green Garnet, Moldavite, Self Healing Himalayan Quartz and Mullein Flowers.  Extract of Rosemary in Apple Cider Vinegar.  Spring Water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Embodied Alchemy Elixir

Clears Programs  |  Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine  |  Alchemy

Now is the time to call forth the destiny that most excites you!  Master the Sun energy--your Soul’s illumination and you will feel more vitality and joy!  This new moon brought in a renewal of vows and the Lion’s Gate transforms any low vibrations into pure Gold--embodying the diamond mind.  This special elixir was infused on the Leo New Moon 2016 in Arkansas Spring Water combined with Lion’s Gate Water and Chalice Well Water from Glastonbury, UK.  The Lion’s Gate water is all about manifestation.  The Chalice Well water is iron rich and some of the finest, most healing water in the world.

Sunstone is a profound spiritual stone that works deep with subconscious programming, particularly with repairing old thought patterns around the masculine and healing self esteem issues connected to the father.  While Sunstone heals the connection to the masculine, Hematite is the Great Grandmother stone, bringing long standing lessons to completion.  Fire Agate opens up blocks and helps one to process through the illusions of unsafety.  Datura Flower Essence also known as angel’s trumpet, facilitates seeing beyond our present view of reality to a visionary state and allows for spiritual surrender at a time of deep transformation.  St. Joan’s Wort extract offers protection and guidance to those in expanded states of consciousness, protects the aura and relieves fears related to out of body experiences.  Lemurian Quartz serves as an adaptogen that tonifies and sets the volume of the elixir.  

Ingredients:  Essences of Sunstone, Hematite, Fire Agate, Lemurian Quartz and Datura.  Extract of St Joan’s Wort in NC Apple Brandy.  Spring Water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Grief Be Gone Elixir

Ancestral Patterns  |  Clears Grief  |  Resolves Addictions

This is a deeply healing and nourishing tonic that clears all kinds of grief.  The burdens of grief bear witness to our addictions, loss and isolation.  This grief we carry is often the same grief that our ancestors experienced and our lineage is praying for someone to clear it.  Grief resides deep in the lungs.

Grief Be Gone is infused on the Scorpio New Moon 2016 in Arkansas Spring Water with Chalice Well Red Water, known to be iron rich and some of the finest, most healing water in the world.  Carnelian paired with  Rose Quartz is known to assist one in letting go of addictive patterns.  Hawthorn tincture, rose infused apple cider vinegar and rose flower essence work to heal the physical heart and the realms beyond, reminding one of the layers of new love and beauty to be discovered.  This nourishing elixir is harmonized with the brilliant Self Healing Himalayan Quartz.


Essences of Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Self Healing Himalayan Quartz and Rose Petals.  Extract of Rose Petals in Apple Cider Vinegar, Rose Petals in NC Apple Brandy and Hawthorn Berries in Organic Grape Alcohol.  Rose Water and Spring Water in 1 oz blue glass bottle.

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Megawattage Adaptogen Formula

Chakra + Endocrine Balancer  |  Immune Boosting  |  Stress Relieving  

Adaptogens are a category of wise herbs and stones that raise the threshold for stress, build up the glandular system and balance the chakras all while raising consciousness.  When found in nature, adaptogens grow hardy, like a beautiful flower on top of a cold windy mountain in Tibet.  As my wise herbal teacher Gail Faith Edwards says, “When a plant thrives no matter what, take a deeper look, and you may find that it will help you to do the same.”  

Megawattage Adaptogen Blend alchemizes a trio of stones that will nourish every cell of who you are.  The herbs of Astragalus, Licorice and Tulsi join in to raise the volume and support your ability to handle the many demanding pressures of life on Earth.  They are all immune boosting and go to all organs of the body to increase vitality and radiance.  This blend is the perfect combination for the speeding up of time and space and the ever increasing demands of our action oriented world.

Ingredients:  Essences of Epidote,  Ocean Jasper and Arkansas Quartz.  Extracts of Astragalus, Tulsi and Licorice Root in OG Grape Alcohol.  Spring Water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Nourish and Flourish Elixir

Detoxifying  |  Nourishing  |  Heals all

This tonic detoxifies, chelates, nourishes and heals on all levels.  This is  my #1  go to elixir.  I take this elixir daily.  Epidote will raise your threshold for stress and build up your glandular system.  Prehnite stimulates the chakras and breaks up accumulations in the body.  It is very chelating to the body.  However Green Tourmaline tops all as this is one of the most detoxifying stones one could use.  As this stone detoxifies it also feeds and nourishes.  All green stones are about rebirthing and regeneration.  Both Green Tourmaline and Peridot call forth the realms of the nature spirits and encourage us to tune into the unseen.

Ingredients:  Essences of Green Tourmaline, Epidote, Prehnite, Peridot and Self Healing Himalayan Quartz.  Extract of Sage infused in Apple Cider Vinegar.  NC Apple Brandy and Spring water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Pineal Activation Elixir

Cosmic Connection  |  Crown Chakra  |  Multidimensional Travel

Infused on the Sagittarius Full Moon May 2016 + Gemini New Moon June 2016 Mutable Grand Cross + Gemini Full Moon in December 2016 in Arkansas Spring Water.  The intentions seeded now will affect the upcoming 8 year Venus Star Point cycle.  The relationship of axis between Gemini and Sagittarius is about transcending the mind into the higher realms, becoming deeply visionary and mystical.

This Stone Medicine elixir merges the three stones that make up the pineal gland and is crafted with Moonflower essence to further connect with the crown chakra and the divine flow of communication from the Cosmos.  Herkimer Diamond comes through to harmonize and turn of the wattage.

Ingredients:  Essences of Pink + Orange Calcite, Apatite, Magnetite, Herkimer Diamond and Moonflower.  Organic Grape Alcohol and Spring water in 1 oz purple bottle.

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Shen Sleep

Calming  |  Deep Relaxation  |  Divine

The Shen is the intelligence of the universe.  Each person carries their own shen, their own personal aspect of the divine.  This peaceful elixir will nurse you deep into relaxation so that you may restore through sleep and commune with your personal divine.  Ammonite Shells will unwind the mind from obsessive thoughts and worry and pearl will guide you towards hope and beauty.  Amazonite and lemon balm soothe and deeply relax while lavender heals.

1 oz purple glass bottle

Ingredients:  Essences of Amazonite, Pearl, Ammonite.  Extracts of Lavender in Apple Cider Vinegar, Lavender in Organic Grape Alcohol, Lemon Balm in Organic Grape Alcohol and St. Joan’s Wort in NC Apple Brandy.  Spring water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.  

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Speak Free

Fifth Chakra  |  Truth Seeker  |  Thyroid Nourishing  

Women have been silenced for many ages and collectively we are now finding our Truth.   Thyroid imbalances are becoming a silent epidemic in the United States.   There is a strong need to create energetic medicines to nourish the thyroid gland.

Within the technology of Kundalini Yoga we speak about “Sat Nam”, which can be understood as I am my soul’s truth.  We are here to wake up to this truth.  Fortunately the stones are here to support us!  This elixir was infused on the Scorpio New Moon 2016, a time when we were all being asked to dive deep into our Truths.  Lapis Lazuli is mineral rich and a vibrant blue.  The deep blue color of Lapis goes straight to the fifth chakra and will cure any imbalance from not speaking your truth, to truly be seen.  This stone loves the thyroid, the pituitary and the pineal glands.  Aquamarine has the ability to go deep and reprogram the DNA.

Ingredients:  Essences of Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Larimar, Citrine and Calendula flowers.  Extracts of Hyssop in Apple Cider Vinegar and Hyssop in NC Apple Brandy.  Spring Water in 1 oz blue glass bottle.

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all elixirs and essences are 100% gluten free and organic.  every herb is grown in my garden (unless otherwise noted) or wildcrafted with permission and processed by my hands in a ceremonial way.  my stones are cared for as prescribed by the ancient daoist stonalists.  they are regularly cleansed and recharged depending on the stone’s preference which can range from running water, a full moon bath, a hematite bed or a quartz bed.  


Take 3-10 drops in water or directly under the tongue 3 times each day or when wisdom calls.  For acute conditions take 3-4 days and for chronic conditions take 3-4 months.