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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.

Ancestral Heart Healer


Ancestral Heart Healer

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Ancestral Heart Healer


Heart Tonic  |  Repatterning Ancestral Lineage  |  Transformation

Through our ancestral lineage we carry so much that we are often not even aware of.  Patterns and heart breaks in our lives are often a replaying of age old lessons and stories that are passed down through the genetic codes of our ancestral DNA.  Many of us on Earth came here to heal our lineages.  Ancestral Heart Healer will assist you on this journey.  

Moldavite is the star stone in this elixir as it raises your consciousness and truly awakens the wisdom of the heart.  Both Watermelon and Green Tourmaline offer up deep nourishment in this elixir while gently pulling away that which is ready to be released,  detoxifying the physical body, emotional body and energetic bodies.  Both Watermelon Tourmaline and Morganite specifically heal ancestral patterns.  Rose quartz works to harmonize this blend and Hawthorn extract preserves the elixir.  Hawthorn berries nourishes all matters of the heart, regulate blood pressure and improve circulation.

1 oz purple glass bottle

Ingredients:  Essences of Moldavite, Green Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, Morganite and Rose Quartz.  Extract of Hawthorn Berries in Organic Grape Alcohol.  Spring Water in 1 oz purple glass bottle.

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Moldavite is all about deep transformation.  Moldavite moves karma fast as it raises your consciousness, goes to every single chakra and truly awakens the heart.  This meteorite can bestow the gift of clairvoyance.

Green tourmaline is a rich tonic that deeply detoxifies the body, particularly the heart and the liver.  This nourishing stone assists with healing addictions and autoimmune flare ups.  As a gateway stone of connection, green tourmaline allows one to connect to nature spirits.

Watermelon tourmaline is a very rich tonic, that chelates and detoxifies the body at the same time.  This stone offers a million possibilities for healing--heals ancestral patterns, autoimmune conditions and long term sadness while bringing in hope, possibility and youthfulness.  Calming and clearing, it creates change in our hearts and moves our consciousness to greater awareness.  

Morganite goes deep into the heart, healing the pain of a broken heart, and teaches us how to rewrite our own script in life.  Morganite reprograms very gently with positivity and has a resonance with butterflies.

Rose quartz activates the heart qi, opens the chest and soothes any anxiety.  Rose Quartz offers self love and will assist with transformation of any grief, fear or depression.

Hawthorn Berries are exceptional heart healers and safe for long term use.  Hawthorn has the unique ability to regulate high and low blood pressure, improve circulation in the body and oxygen to the blood and brain.  Hawthorn carries anti-oxidant properties and is a wonderful nervine, relaxing the heart and all of it’s functions in a holistic way.


Take 3-10 drops in water or directly under the tongue 3 times each day or when wisdom calls.  For acute conditions take 3-4 days and for chronic conditions take 3-4 months.  

All elixirs and essences are 100% gluten free and organic.  Every herb is grown in my garden (unless otherwise noted) or wildcrafted with permission and processed by my hands in a ceremonial way.  My stones are cared for as prescribed by the ancient Daoist Stonalists.  They are regularly cleansed and recharged depending on the stone’s preference which can range from running water, a full moon bath, a hematite bed or a quartz bed.