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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur is a highly observant soul-soother, change-maker and alchemist who loves working with women. Ra Ma calls on her study of Kundalini Yoga, Daoist Stone Medicine and Astrological Divination to inform her community offerings:  weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women’s lunar gatherings, ceremonies and international retreats. In Ra Ma’s apothecary, you’ll find handcrafted stone and plant medicines infused with mantra and meditation. Ra Ma completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification at Kripalu in 2006, a 60 Hour Prenatal Kundalini Teacher Training in 2008, and earned her 220 Hour Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification in 2015.  She has completed 2 of the 5 modules necessary for Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification.  She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and daughter and serves as the President of the Board of the French Broad Food Coop.

sovereign sanctuary within

Ra Ma

This week's edition of Venusian Love Notes is brimming full of delight.  As many of you know I am guiding a pilgrimage of women to Southern France this August.  I leave next week to begin my own personal pilgrimage to anchor our energies with prayer and intention.  This Sunday is the 22nd of July which many deem a sacred day in honor of Mary Magdalene.  A number of the sites we will visit in Southern France are dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and they will receive a powerful activation on this day.  In honor of this potent portal of sovereignty I am offering a special class this Sunday in her honor.  

The 22nd is also the 11th day of the Moon in Kundalini Technology.  This is a glandular reset day and a time to reprogram your endocrine system.  This particular Eclipse portal is offering the ability to reset your neural pathways, so in turn, this Sunday is truly magical.   In my Women's class from 4-5:30 EST at West Asheville Yoga we will be doing a very special meditation to clear our arclines and will be working with the Divine Feminine frequencies to open up the gates for the Grail and the Goddess pilgrimage.  It would be a blessing to come together in the conscious building of our alliance, even if you are not attending the pilgrimage.  For those who live afar, I invite you to join us in meditation during those hours if you are able.

 Next Friday is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and this is a very potent alignment.  I will offer more insights next week, so please stay tuned.  In the meantime, I offer to you the concept of sovereign sanctuary within.  You may still access  Your Guide to Thrive .  

Finally I am offering a mega flash sale of 44% off my apothecary from now through Sunday at 11:55 pm EST with code SOVEREIGN.  This is your absolute last chance to order with me before I return at the end of August.  My goal is to clear out the current inventory with the intention to create fresh new medicines with the Virgoian crystallization in September.

So many of us are shedding immense grief and are transforming our identities.  May you find the sovereign sanctuary within so that you know palpably your divine Truth, your Sat Nam.

    We are the medicine.