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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

through the gates--earth dog mastery

Ra Ma


Hello dear one~

We have arrived through the Solar and Lunar Gates of Imbolc, through the Aquarian Eclipse portal and into the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog.  As we emerge on the other side what is clear is that we are differen.  The energies have shifted in a way that is palpable.  

In order to make space or this new way of being, there is a major letting go with this Eclipse and this will continue th entire lunar month ahead.  o many of us are shedding in ways never imagined.  

We may be letting go of parts of us we thought were necessary for our self image or relationships that we thought were essential for our survival.  For many of us there is deep grief and sadness coming up to the surface.  

Mercury and Juno are communicating to us deeply about our relationships.  They are asking us o drop into rich communion with Sel.  ow is the time discern who and whom we make space for in our lives.  

ach one of us is being asked to awaken to the places we stay stuck in old paradigms.  We are receiving an opportunity to wake up and shake up with the Uranian quickening.  Uranus rules the Age of Aquarius so this is a wonderful time to make good friends with this archetype.

This eclipse is a major initiation into a new way of doing and being in ny and all elationships, evolutionary partnership are a mus!  This Chinese New Year offers a year to work on ur home live, ur amilies all whil in active in the great outdoors.  It’s a great year to commit to daily walks, and I am personally recommitting to that intention!

This next year favors new business ventures, major lifestyle changes, rewards, loyalty, generosity and selflessness.  Integrity and honesty are the values that lead to success under the Dog yea, as arth Dogs are stable, prudent and kind.

Ultimately dogs teach unconditional love so we are in an energy to deeply open our hearts to compassion. The 2018 year of Mastery goes hand in hand with the Earth Dog energy. Every dog needs a diligent and impeccable master.  Meet my dear friend Shadow who left this Earth plane 12 years ago, the previous year of the dog.  He was truly my best friend in every way possible, a wellspring of unconditional love.


Join me for a free class tomorrow in honor of the grand opening of my friend Heidi's store Earth Magick.  This store is located a couple of doors away from Dobra Tea and you will find it at 80 Lexington Ave.  We will be gathering from 11 am-noon with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Gong Sound Healing.

s we continue to walk through this lunation may you watch your language, creating intentionally with sacred words and sounds.  May this great shedding and seeding be a badge of honor ou may wear or the evolutionary growth of humanity.  is partial Solar Eclipse ay offer a urprising estiny that is far more grand than you ever expected!

I'll leave you with a personal meditation I've been holding in my heart since the wee hours of this past Wednesday. If each one of us lived with impeccable integrity, erhaps e would truly find ourselves in an evolutionary cosmic revolution.  Shall we rise to the occasion?

Aquarian New Moon Lunar Imbolc blessings.