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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States


Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

🌹 13 🌹

Ra Ma

Today we welcomed Friday the 13th.  The number 13 has been honored and regarded by lovers of the Goddess through the ages.  Each annual cycle contains 13 moons, and therefore a woman will have 13 menstrual cycles a year.  The sacred number of 13 carries information about blood and fertility.    

Patriarchy hijacked this day long ago.  Consider how many buildings refrain from having a 13th floor?  Hollywood has created a whole mythology to make one feel fear with the 13th.  The question is why?  Women have been taught to fear their bodies and their blood.  We are years beyond years of programing that we as women are unholy.  A large part of this Divine Feminine reclamation is all about radical self love.  A Friday the 13th can open a portal into this consciousness.

Fridays are a sacred day of love and beauty and of the Goddess Venus.  Venus is all about art, creativity, beauty and the social world.  Venus teaches that human liberty depends upon an intimate relationship to nature.  Venus asks us to wed human creativity with Nature for a true love affair.  Earth is considered to be Venus's sister, and one of the greatest paths we can take is a conscious cultivation of art, love and beauty on this planet.


This past Tuesday Jupiter entered Scorpio where it will traverse for the next 13 months.  Scorpio embodies the art of transformation.  It is the only sign of the zodiac that has 3 archetypes:  the scorpion, the snake and the phoenix.  Perhaps Jupiter in Scorpio will teach us that we too can benefit from death and rebirth.  

This journey will allow us to meet our deepest selves, our mystical selves and our magnetic selves. And we will meet that which is ready to die.

As we face the West and honor that which is in the flow, we can allow seamlessly that which is ready to die. When we choose to hold on and resist we create tension and amplified grief.  We have so much to learn collectively, and I imagine many shadows and secrets to be revealed over the next 13 months.

This is the time to gather with your community in your sacred circles for a supportive descent.  Next week I have two offerings to cast a conscious commitment to begin this exploration with the taboo, the mystery and the Truth.  

Click here to reserve your space for the Libra New Moon Women's Wisdom and Divining the Dark.  Liv and I extended the last call to sign up for our retreat on Monday 10/16 at noon.  

Jupiter in Scorpio favors deep exploration into inner knowing, shadow work and therapeutic work.  This is a time to own what is taboo to you and to learn more about why.  In this journey it's also important to deeply witness where we check out, where we give away our power and where we take power away.  

Practices like Kundalini Yoga and divination tools like Astrology are especially supportive during these times.  A consistent practice will nourish your transformation.  

Autumnal blessings,
Ra Ma