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Asheville, NC, 28806
United States

Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

how a tribe of women will transform the earth

Ra Ma

Many who are familiar with Kundalini Yoga do not realize so many of the teachings which Yogi Bhajan brought to the West were deliberately transmitted with the Western woman in mind.  He wholeheartedly believed that Woman has the power to change the face of our Earth.  The Dalai Lama has said, “The World will be saved by the Western woman.”  I believe in my heart that women are essential to this Age of Truth, the Age of Aquarius.

When women gather, magic happens.  As my stone teacher Sarah Thomas has taught, DNA, Stones and Women all get activated in group consciousness--particularly when the three are brought together.  As I shared in my ezine last week, I truly found my tribe through Stone Medicine.  During our Level 3 course we went to Diamond Hill Mine which was a site of death and decay during the Civil War.  It is also a Native American burial ground.  We received feedback from the steward of the land just 4 days after our land clearing that not only was it effective, that so much joy was coming out of that mine.  Major shifts occurred from the group of us working together for about 30 minutes to consciously shift the land.

So how do we, as women, change the Earth?  There are many layers to this beginning with self-love, self-care and self-elevation.

The greatest thing you can praise is yourself. As you stand before the mirror and look into it, you look to yourself as a woman. You look to yourself as a graceful woman. You look to yourself as a competent, intelligent woman. You can give thanks for it. It should be so automatic with you. It should be so real.
— Yogi Bhajan

Who we are being in our homes, with our partners, our children and those closest to us, and has a large ripple effect that extends out further than we can imagine.  Yogi Bhajan wanted women to understand how powerful they are.  How we deliver our words and the energy attached at any given moment is what drives our homes and our relationships.  

As women, we have a great effect on men.  Each woman is like a mini universe and men orbit around her.  Men are stable like the Sun and women are mutable and changing like the Moon.  The more a woman can take ownership over the subtleties of her behavior, the more her relationships reflect the quality she is seeking.

And how we show up in groups of women is key.  We are taught in Western culture to compete, especially as women.  However, when we can come together as a group of women with an intention to connect, and in that connection to accept and shine bright, we become all the more powerful.  When we let go of the subtle nature to compare and contrast and be jealous of strong and radiant women, we can lift each other up in the group dynamic so that we may all rise with grace and elegance.

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.
— Georgia O'Keeffe

As we shed the layers of what we have been taught a woman is, and reclaim our true essence, we become strong women who are interested in consciously awakening.  Through this awakening we shift the planet, person by person and this ripples out into the cosmos.  By connecting with our truth in this lifetime we innately serve humanity through all we do.

A tribe of Women will transform the Earth.  We are the Medicine.