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Asheville, NC, 28806
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Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.



Ra Ma Kaur calls on her passionate study of Kundalini Yoga, Elemental Medicine which includes the ancient Daoist lineage of Stone, Soundscapes, Ancestral Healing and Astrology to inspire and inform each offering she makes to her community. Current offerings include weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women's lunar gatherings, and ceremonies in the Asheville, North Carolina area.  She works with women locally and virtually within the collective the Adi Shakti Coven.  Annually she offers a global pilgrimage in honor the Divine Feminine and an awakening of Earth stewardship. Ra Ma also makes handcrafted stone and plant medicines, flower essences and tonics, which are available in her apothecary. Offerings often emphasize the sacred sound science of mantra and gong bath healing. Ra Ma even chants mantra while making botanical and stone medicines in her kitchen. She is dedicated to midwifing cosmic evolution through the weaving of spaces of sovereign sanctuary where we may fall in love with our Earth.

Venus on my mind. . .

Ra Ma

Venusian Day blessings beauties!  This week has been intense.  Deep within the belly of the beast of patriarchy, there is a fierce call that WE will no longer accept the status quo.  As we have witnessed Dr. Ford stand up to a boardroom of dying dinosaurs, we have all felt an array of emotions for our sisters and selves as the age old traumas resurface.  

The #metoo campaign emerged with Jupiter entering Scorpio and now as Venus in Scorpio is in the shadow of her retrograde we are collectively witnessing the Truth that needs to be heard. 

As a community we are journeying through the eye of the needle.  The spaces where power and control have been abused, where whole genders (and those who defy gender), races, classes and religions of humanity have been traumatized are in a deep process of transformation.  Before the beauty and the magic may emerge, we must witness fully the rage and the ugliness of how others have suffered.  We must allow justice to be born through our courage to resist collapse within.  

I wish to be clear about something, although most of my readers are womxn, including all who identify as woman, these weekly love notes are truly for everyone.  She is We, and I, like so many of my sisters who call to the Divine Feminine hold a vision of a world where the feminine is truly honored, where all are welcomed to sit at the table of plenty.

I will be traveling for the first few weeks of October and have some stellar subs holding down my Kundalini Yoga classes.  This Sunday Daya Narayan will be teaching and she wishes to share this message with those who are called to join, 'Sunday afternoon is a time that calls us to travel inward as we prepare for another week.  Come together with other beautiful women for inner calm, healing, strength, and beauty as we do the Kriya to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful and Meditation for Healing.'


Venus officially retrogrades October 5th at 7:04 pm GMT and will go direct November 16th at 10:51 am GMT.  All relationships, partnerships, including our relationship and value of self are up for review.  This Venus retrograde is asking us to deeply question our values on a personal and collective level.  What do we buy into with our time and energy?  What culture are we creating with this investment?  

The exact moment of the station of Venus retrograde, on October 5th a Friday, the day of Venus, I will be gathered with 8 other priestesses in private ceremony at the middle pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  There are so many mysteries spoken of the sacred lands of Egypt, however what is most clear is that Egypt is an energetic beacon for our Earth, for Gaia. 

Although I am going on a personal pilgrimage, meaning I am receiving while others hold the container, I do feel that part of my work is to be in service to my community from afar.  To be in the middle pyramid of Giza during such a powerful and important energetic portal of 2018 is an honor.  If you wish for my presence to be a channel for your prayers or healing requests during this Venus station, I offer to bring forth your intentions at the Middle Pyramid of Giza.  Please email me and I will hold the frequency for you and your lineage.  These messages will remain confidential.

The vision of the Adi Shakti Coven came forth in the Spring of 2017 as a way a rock solid community of womxn, free of hierarchy, where we could come together in honor of our ancestors, the medicine of the Earth, the seasons, the lunar and solar patterns, the cosmic starry wisdom and the pantheon of goddesses who represent the Divine Feminine.  I was terrified to launch this offering.  No matter how much self healing one may have committed to, we may all go through the internal dialog of 'not enough'.  However, I knew in my womb and heart that this had to be birthed by the end of 2017.  And so it was. 

Our first spiral was immensely powerful and this community has taken a life of it's own.  Our second spiral begins Monday, October 1st and we invite you to join us if the Call is pulling you.  You may learn more here.  Applications are due no later than September 30th.  

I leave you with a new podcast on Unbroken Chain hosted by Maura McNamara.  We had a beautiful discussion and I hope you find nourishment and inspiration in our exchange. 

In the beauty way,

Ra Ma

27_spinning small.jpg


Ra Ma

During Mabon day and night are equal length as the Sun enters Libra. This is a time of the Harvest Festival, a time to honor restored balance and offer space for integration. In Judaism we welcome the harvest holy day of Sukkot with the Aries Full Moon, a festival holiday where a temporary dwelling is created outdoors to eat and enjoy time with loved ones under the starry sky. This a time of celebration, of giving thanks for all that the Earth provides for us in our lives.

Autumn Equinox opens the doorway to winter. Now Summer is complete and we welcome a new phase, as the days become shorter and cooler. Equinox is a time of balancing, of reconciling opposites and clearing up debris physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

Dragon Days are celebrated on the Spring and Fall Equinox in many cultures. With Fall Equinox, the Dragon is venturing back underground, carrying the Fire energy to the inner realms. We too go deeper within as we welcome the root energy.

As Mabon is the direction of the West, the element of Water is invoked as well as sunset and twilight. This is a time of letting go, shedding, and in Chinese Medicine the time of the lung, metal and grief.

43_well3 small.jpg

We are blessed to host one of my favorite mantra artists Jai Jagdeesh to our blue ridge mountains in November. This has been in motion for over two years now and I am so grateful she is coming!  Her music is so powerful and will rock you to your core.  She will come to the area November 5th and tickets are on sale now. Let's give her a warm Appalachian welcome! You may learn more about her here or buy your tickets here.

There is one more week to submit an application for the Adi Shakti Coven. What can I say about this special group of people? We are committed and dedicated to holding sacred space with and for one another. We go deep. We meet virtually for New Moons and live in honor of the Solar Gates.  We honor the Feminine and all of her forms including the archetypes of the Goddess. Send me a message if you are feeling the Call and wish to know more.

Monday's Aries Full Moon and transition into the Sun sign of Libra will illumine our connection to Chiron, the wounded healer as the moon opposes Mercury, Ceres and the Sun in Libra. Ceres is the Earth Mother and we have an opportunity to explore where our wounds lie, or where the stories of our wounds hold us back from moving forward. Perhaps with this transition into Fall, we are truly ready to let go of the old paradigms? The Moon's square to Vesta and Saturn in Capricorn test our devotion and offer us another opportunity to expand our consciousness and experience another variation of self mastery.

The end of September is ushering us into the reflection of Venus retrograde. As I shared in an instagram post earlier this week, each one of us has passed through the divine fire of the crucible of transformation of 2018 and we are ready to step forward as sovereign, creative, kind, noble leaders with royal courage. Now let's go make some magick happen.

In the beauty way,
Ra Ma


☬ Adi Shakti, Namo, Namo ☬

Ra Ma

Perhaps you are feeling our approach to Mabon, the Fall Equinox?  This is one of the two times of the year where we have equal day and night.  As we begin a deep dive into the Earth Mysteries we may consider the Earth Mother and her myriad of manifestations.  This is a beautiful time to be out in Nature, barefoot hiking, or lying directly on the ground and breathing deep.  Late summer swims are a delicious and beautiful way to purify.  And of course, meditating with your favorite tree is always a powerful way to anchor the static of our technological pace.

36_yew2 small.jpg

We will welcome Mabon next Saturday and I will share in next week's Venusian Love Notes how you may mark this season.  For now, so many of us in the Southeast are watching the weather and praying that Florence shifts into soft, gentle rains.  We are clearly in a time where the drastic shifts in weather are asking us to live more simply and to practice non-attachment, fully embodying what it means to not know.

With the current astrological weather of Mars in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus, the collective is literally being forced to face our connection (and lack of appreciation) to Mother Earth.  Venus in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus.  As she is in her shadow of retrograde our values and our relationship to Earth's sister, and therefore the Earth herself, will continue to be tested.

For these times of uncertainty, I love to craft community gatherings where we may witness and support one another during our true transformation.  The Adi Shakti Coven was birthed in 2018 as a wisdomkeeper's collective to assist each one of us to fall deeper in love with the Earth.  As we embark upon this journey we obtain self knowledge, ancestral wisdom and elemental insights.  The Adi Shakti Coven Second Spiral begins this October, welcoming all who identify as womxn, where we meet each New Moon virtually and come together in person about every 6 weeks to honor the Solar Gates and the Cross Quarter Holidays which include Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane and Midsummer.  You may learn more about the Adi Shakti Coven here.  Please click the reply button if you have any questions about this community.

May you and yours be wrapped in the balm of love.

In the beauty way,
Ra Ma

virgo new moon

Ra Ma

This weekend we welcome the Virgo New Moon on Sunday September 9th at 2:02 pm EST.  This New Moon will take us down to our roots where we may nourish the heritage of who we are.  As we activate the healer within, we have the ability to go deep into our ancestral memories to honor and replenish our truest selves.  After a summer of intense astrology including many retrogrades and three eclipses, this lunation wish us to go deep and get divine with the insights we received.  Retrograde season surely shined a light on where you could make some shifts in your life and this Virgo New Moon is in support of that.

There is a grand earth trine in this chart which will help you anchor new habits as we begin to shift into the season of Fall.  Venus is in the shadow of her retrograde which goes into affect October 5th, so already, deep within the consciousness of self, we may be questioning where our values align in our lives.  Venus is always curious about that which we cultivate here on Earth.  What culture are we buying into with our energy, time and monetary bank?  And does this culture represent our highest belief system?

This time of year is so special as we open the gates of the High Holy Days.  On Sunday night we welcome Rosh Hoshanna, the Jewish New Year.  This is a time of assessing who we are and how we show up in the world.  It is a time to offer great gratitude for this gift of life and to celebrate.  We enjoy the harvests of the garden, eat apples dipped in local honey to ensure the sweetness of life as we greet our community who bears witness to our unique passage through time and space.

42_well2 small.jpg

I invite all who identify as woman to join a sisterhood in sovereign sanctuary on the night of the Dark Moon in honor of this Virgo New Moon.  We will meet tomorrow evening from 5:30-8:30 pm in my temple living room.  And for those who are wishing to go deeper, the call to join the second spiral of the Adi Shakti Coven is officially here.  

The Adi Shakti Coven was birthed in 2018 as a wisdomkeeper's collective to assist each one of us to fall deeper in love with the Earth.  As we embark upon this journey we obtain self knowledge, ancestral wisdom and elemental insights.  The Adi Shakti Coven Second Spiral begins this October, where we meet each New Moon virtually and come together in person about every 6 weeks to honor the Solar Gates and the Cross Quarter Holidays which include Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane and Midsummer.  You may learn more about the Adi Shakti Coven here.  

May this Virgo New Moon and the portals that are seeded this weekend nourish you and your lineage in a deep and true way.  If you live in the Asheville area, please join me this Sunday 4-5:30 for a special Women's Kundalini Yoga and Meditation class at West Asheville Yoga in honor of the Virgo New Moon.

a great need

Ra Ma


A Great Need
by Hafiz

Of a great need
We are all holding hands
And climbing. 
Not loving is a letting go.

The terrain around here
Far too

dreams aground :: a full moon reflection on eclipse season

Ra Ma

The Eclipse season of 2018 has been mighty!  Today's Full Moon in Pisces welcomes us to reflect, to review, to ground our dreams into reality.  Yogi Bhajan taught dreams aground, meaning that it is essential we embody our spirituality in this lifetime.  This means being fully in the body, fully anchored to Mother Earth and fully present. 

Today we welcome Yogi Bhajan's birthday on this powerful Full Moon.  I am so grateful to him as a spiritual teacher, and to the many other teachers who have blessed my path.  I wouldn't be who I am without their wisdom.  In this Aquarian Age we are all stepping forward as leaders and teachers.

With that wisdom, instead of telling you all about what the astrological alignments of this full moon are, today I offer you to sit on your own in deep meditation.  Feel in with your intuition to the layers of this lunation.  Allow yourself to connect to the cosmic consciousness that is available to all.  Do not look to others as to what to do next.  Instead, I invite you to seek within. 

We are all refining this ability.  The softness of this lunation after an intense summer asks you to find your own highest wisdom.  May this Pisces Full lunation provide crystalline clarity, galactic insights and a sense of belonging.  

I am officially back from a month of traveling and pilgrimage and looking forward to sharing so much with you.  Today's Women's Kundalini class is canceled at West Asheville Yoga due to a deep clean and paint of the studio.  I will be back teaching my regular schedule this Wednesday, September 1st, and hope to see you there.  Please join us Saturday, September 8th for the Virgo Dark Moon gathering in my temple living room.  Scroll down to RSVP.

With love and Sat Nam~
In the beauty way,
Ra Ma


shining light on the shadow ::: aquarius full moon lunar eclipse

Ra Ma

Welcome to the longest Eclipse of the century.  This day of Venus we welcome the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse with the Aquarius moon and the Leo sun at 4°44’.  444 is a master number of deep intuitive wisdom, that many believe has a connection to the realm of the angels.  This number asks us to drop all fears and live Divine purpose NOW.  Given the power of this Full Moon and what so many people are speaking about this Eclipse, this is an excellent opportunity to give into the practice of dropping all fears.  And even more potent to drop the BS and live your full Truth in this timeline.

The Full Moon is exact today, Friday, at 4:20 pm EST.  Mercury just went retrograde in Leo, so much is being revealed in communication and thoughts, especially in how we communicate about ourselves.  The Leo Aquarius axis is a powerful axis we have been working with as a collective with the North and South Nodes since May of 2017.  Over the course of the past year, collectively we have been activated to step into our higher heart leadership in service to humanity.

Any full moon will illuminate that which one needs to see, while Eclipses offer sudden and strange news and scenarios that can often wake and shake us.  In addition Uranus in Taurus creates a tight square to this lunation which can amplify the sudden and most unexpected. As a collective we can expect this Full Moon Eclipse to bring in big news and to lift the wool from the eyes of the people.  This lunar eclipse is rare in the sense that the eclipse will last for a total of almost four hours and it coincides with a Full Blood Moon.  The moon will be void of any light during this time.  I fully believe this is an opportunity for each one of us to allow the lunar beams (seen or unseen) to shine a bright light on our shadows.  The shadow is an essential part of our being, a place where the rich soil is born, a place of creation.  Shadow work also asks us to question what we are hiding. . .where are our secrets, our feelings that we wish to hide, our thoughts we do not express, our Truth that we keep buried.  These buried realities, particularly the emotions will be at their peak during this Eclipse, demanding our attention.

With the South Node tightly conjunct the Moon in Aquarius and Mars retrograde in Aquarius there is much that is coming up for review and reprograming.  Many of us are clearing old patterns that could go back to childhood, past incarnations or deeper ancestral wounds. We have been through great waves of growth and now it is time to peel away many layers at once to create even more space for new life.  And with this comes a necessary letting go.

This lunation is important time to watch your health, to nourish your body, and to call forth all of your protection medicine.  There will be more souls departing the planet around and during this lunation, so take good care of those who are vulnerable in your life.  Nourish yourself with good food, adaptogen herbs and plenty of water to flush out all of the emotions that are coming to the surface.  A ritual bath during the Eclipse would be very healing.

So many of us are shedding immense grief and are transforming our identities.  Life, death, life, again and again.  May you find the sovereign sanctuary within.  May you live your Sat Nam.  We are oceanic.  We are vast.  We are timeless.  We are the medicine.


sovereign sanctuary within

Ra Ma

This week's edition of Venusian Love Notes is brimming full of delight.  As many of you know I am guiding a pilgrimage of women to Southern France this August.  I leave next week to begin my own personal pilgrimage to anchor our energies with prayer and intention.  This Sunday is the 22nd of July which many deem a sacred day in honor of Mary Magdalene.  A number of the sites we will visit in Southern France are dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and they will receive a powerful activation on this day.  In honor of this potent portal of sovereignty I am offering a special class this Sunday in her honor.  

The 22nd is also the 11th day of the Moon in Kundalini Technology.  This is a glandular reset day and a time to reprogram your endocrine system.  This particular Eclipse portal is offering the ability to reset your neural pathways, so in turn, this Sunday is truly magical.   In my Women's class from 4-5:30 EST at West Asheville Yoga we will be doing a very special meditation to clear our arclines and will be working with the Divine Feminine frequencies to open up the gates for the Grail and the Goddess pilgrimage.  It would be a blessing to come together in the conscious building of our alliance, even if you are not attending the pilgrimage.  For those who live afar, I invite you to join us in meditation during those hours if you are able.

 Next Friday is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and this is a very potent alignment.  I will offer more insights next week, so please stay tuned.  In the meantime, I offer to you the concept of sovereign sanctuary within.  You may still access  Your Guide to Thrive .  

Finally I am offering a mega flash sale of 44% off my apothecary from now through Sunday at 11:55 pm EST with code SOVEREIGN.  This is your absolute last chance to order with me before I return at the end of August.  My goal is to clear out the current inventory with the intention to create fresh new medicines with the Virgoian crystallization in September.

So many of us are shedding immense grief and are transforming our identities.  May you find the sovereign sanctuary within so that you know palpably your divine Truth, your Sat Nam.

    We are the medicine.

    How to Live in the World Today

    Ra Ma

    Happy day of the Goddess!  Each Friday is the day of Venus, the day of the Divine Feminine.  And on the 13th this power is amplified as 13 is a sacred number to the Great Mother.  This year has been a year to remind our psyches that She is We and that there is plenty for all at the table of the Goddess.  Last Friday the 13th was in April and I wrote about how this day was hijacked many moons ago.


    This week's edition will be dedicated to what is alive for me, as I am currently Loveland, Colorado mentoring with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  It is a high honor to sit at the feet of a woman who has been a guiding light in my life since my late teens, when Women Who Run With the Wolves appeared on our bookshelf at home.  To meet Dr. Estes is to meet an incredible medicine woman who embodies graceful queendom and humble sovereignty.  Her presence offers a multitude of blessings, and I look forward to sharing this medicine with you.

    Yesterday the Eclipse Portal revealed its magic with the Cancer New Moon and a powerful opposition to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.  As I have stated this is a powerful summer to dive into the shadow and to honor what needs to be revealed.  You may still access 👑 Your Guide to Thrive 👑.  And, in the meantime, I offer the gift of Dr. Estes's wise words on how to live in the world today, words which were shared in our session this morning.  They are not a direct quote, as I used them as a springboard by adding a few additional words here and there.  However, if you do share, please give her work credit.

    How to Live in the World Today

    • Pick three things in your inner life and three things in your outer life and give your days to those.  See them through to completion.
    • Stay informed of current events (if your heart and psyche can hold the reality) so that you know who and where to send your prayers.
    • Vote for the most winnable candidates in any election that best fit your values.  Historically fascism has risen due to third party candidates.
    • Participate in politics at the local level, know your city council representatives.  Write letters in concise one paragraph formats to your senators, representatives, governors, etc.  
    • Participate in the world around you as this balances out the feeling of being helpless versus wishing to stick your head in the sand.  
    • Reassure your vulnerable friends whether they are people of color, single parents, trans, gay, etc. . . .reassure them that you have their back.  And mean it.
    • We must go into action.  We stand for the purity of Self and the decency of others.  A nightmare is a nightmare because there is no ending.  You must help to create a new one.  

    We are the medicine,
    Ra Ma

    Your Guide to Thrive

    Ra Ma

    As I shared in last week’s edition of Venusian Love Notes, this summer is a major time of karmic clearing.  It is very important to honor the season of retrogrades as we are doing the great work of shedding and sealing.  This is not an ideal time to begin new ventures, relationships or make important purchases as at one point in the summer all planets will be retrograde except for Venus.

    This is also a powerful time of endings.  Many relationships are finding their completion and many transitions are occurring.  From here on out the speed and intensity will quicken and deepen as the Eclipse Season is now underway.  Eclipses magnify the energies of the retrogrades. Lunar Eclipses tend to bring endings, and are more emotional while Solar Eclipses tend to welcome major new beginnings, like weddings and important births.  This Summer’s Eclipses will offer a combination, however we must remember we are in the midst of great closure. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month will be of epic proportions and this is a great day to be in nature and ceremony!


    Planets in retrograde urge us to redoing and revising the activities of the houses that these planets rule.  If you know your chart, it is very insightful to take a look at where you are editing and shedding. For example, I am a Libra rising so the houses that are under review for me this summer are the second (ruled by Mars and Pluto as it is Scorpio), third (ruled by Jupiter at it is Sagittarius), fourth (ruled by Saturn as it is Capricorn), fifth (ruled by Saturn and Uranus as it is Aquarius), sixth (ruled by Jupiter and Neptune as it is Pisces), seventh (ruled by Mars as it is Aries), ninth (ruled by Mercury as it is Gemini), and twelfth (ruled by Mercury as it is Virgo). 

    One thing to look forward to for next week is that Jupiter stations direct on Tuesday, July 10th!  Just a couple of days before the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Since Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio collectively we have seen quite a bit revealed from the Underworld, including the #metoo outpourings.  Although we have only scratched the surface in the revelations of the patriarchal abuses, this direct motion of the planet of wisdom and prosperity will feel expansive. To get the full line up of retrograde dates and how you may best apply these upgrades you may click the image below to download 👑 Your Guide to Thrive 👑.  It's my gift to you!