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Asheville, NC, 28806
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Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur is a highly observant soul-soother, change-maker and alchemist who loves working with women. Ra Ma calls on her study of Kundalini Yoga, Daoist Stone Medicine and Astrological Divination to inform her community offerings:  weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women’s lunar gatherings, ceremonies and international retreats. In Ra Ma’s apothecary, you’ll find handcrafted stone and plant medicines infused with mantra and meditation. Ra Ma completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification at Kripalu in 2006, a 60 Hour Prenatal Kundalini Teacher Training in 2008, and earned her 220 Hour Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification in 2015.  She has completed 2 of the 5 modules necessary for Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification.  She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and daughter and serves as the President of the Board of the French Broad Food Coop.

for the love of humanity 🌈

Ra Ma

On this Venus day we welcome the Sun's entry into Aquarius!  The water bearer who lives for humanity reminds us that our highest destiny must be in service to the greater good.  This is a beautiful time to reflect on how your actions impact others in your community.  This is a supreme time to pay it forward, to give generously from the heart and share your divine spark.  We are truly all in this together.

Yesterday Pallas Athene entered the sign of Taurus where she will nest for the next four years.  I mentioned last week that this year is deeply nurtured with the elements of Water and Earth.  We are feeding the rich soil of potential.  This is a time of fertility and building the lives we each came to live on Earth. 

Pallas Athene is the Goddess of Wisdom and Justice.  She is a solar goddess, a daughter of patriarchy as she was born of Zeus's head, and yet she is Sovereign.  Where she shows up in our chart as an asteroid goddess, is where we are analytical, strategic, mentally creative and wise.  Pallas Athene is a peacemaker and an upholder of justice.  

She is offering each one of us a new chapter of practical visions, strategies and actions.  She is ready to create, fertilize and build with us as we sit with the power and force of the Capricorn Lunation.  This lunation is rich and potent for building, so do take physical steps with your visions.


The Capricorn New Moon on Tuesday was deeply potent.  Today is the 4th day of the Moon and it is an auspicious time to meditate and to continue to weave intentions.  In fact, each day as we build to the Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse we should physically work our intentions.

It has been deeply enriching to meet so many people virtually for the Saturn Sessions.  I will continue to make these available as it's clear that there is a Call to work with Saturn.  This is a 1/2 hour sessions set you up to devote to Self Mastery with Saturn in Capricorn over the next three years.  However this extends beyond 3 or 30, even beyond 350 years.  This entry is offering us an opening to truly heal our karmic past lives and our ancestral lineage.  Saturn teaches us exactly where to focus.

May you continue to meditate in the rich soil of your potential.  May you continue to shine like the diamond mind of pure consciousness.  May you continue to claim your crown of leadership and devotion to humanity and to our Earth Mother. 

Aquarian blessings.


The rich soil of potential, a Capricorn New Moon 🌑⚡💎

Ra Ma

Last year the main elements we danced with were Fire and Water.  This year is all about Water and Earth.  We are feeding the rich soil of potential.  This is a time of fertility and building the lives we each came to live on Earth.  A year of the High Priestess, self mastery and diamond mind consciousness.  

So much has been held in the realms of the fiery arrows of Saturn in Sagittarius.  Now with Saturn in Capricorn we are truly building the vision in a powerful way.  The goat encourages us to pace ourselves, slow and steady growth as we architect life.  The goat also likes to remind us to self select.  We can only carry a few things up to the mountain peak.  So what are you bringing with dear one?


The Capricorn New Moon Tuesday January 16 at 3:17 pm EST truly initiates the New Year energy and Saturn in Capricorn energy.  Hopefully you have gotten clear and are living your Truth, practicing what you preach.

In addition to this powerful astrology on Tuesday January 11 we welcomed a new 8 year Venus cycle of prosperity and relationships.  In May Uranus will enter Taurus which will initiate another new 8 year cycle of great change and growth.  We also welcome 5 eclipses this year.  The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is at the same degree of August's epic Leo eclipse.  More on that to come. . .

What is most clear is that although fear can be used to manipulate and dissuade us from the path of highest destiny, the old paradigms of decay and despair are truly dying out.  As we move closer to 2020 so much is shedding.  Many, many doors are closing.


And as any wisdomkeeper knows is that there is no true death.  Like the primordial Creator life, death, life again and again.  There is only rebirth.  SA TA NA MA.  Infinity, life, death and rebirth.

There is truly nothing to fear.  Dynasties collapse, cities come and go.  Humanity is.  In fact Saturn in Capricorn is letting us see clearly where fear keeps us in bondage.  Are you ready to shift those old stories?  They are ready to be dissolved.

To support you in these exact times I have a few offerings.  The Saturn Sessions will be available for a few more weeks.  This is a 1/2 hour session focusing on Saturn and where this energy is in your natal chart and where it is transiting you in Capricorn.  We meet virtually and record the session so that you may continue to refer back to it.

On Monday night, we will gather in my temple living room on the Dark Moon in honor of the Capricorn New Moon in West Asheville.  It's a great time to come together in community, to shed, to be seen, to be heard and to prepare for this epic High Priestess year.  

And if you're truly ready to go for the gold and dive in with a group of committed women, I invite you to join the Adi Shakti Coven.  We are gathering an international collective (I am truly blown away by the response and prayer of each person). 

We will meet on each New Moon and in person on Full Moons and Solar Gates to honor the elements, the seasons and the lunar rhythms.  We will work with Kundalini Technology, tree medicine, stone medicine, plant medicine, sound healing, sacred council, astrology, dharma art and ceremony.  This first spiral that runs from January-June 2018 will also have a theme of protection medicine.  Our work is about going deep and commitment in prayer of our highest destiny.  The gates close Monday night at 11:11 pm.  

May you meditate in the rich soil of your potential.  May you shine like the diamond mind of consciousness.  May you claim your crown of leadership and devotion to humanity and to our Earth Mother.

Capricorn New Moon blessings. 

👑 The High Priestess 👑

Ra Ma


Welcome to the year of the High Priestess!  2018 is sure to be significant in our ability to realize self mastery and excellence.  I have been divining the daily omens for the months of 2018 and it is clear there is major bird medicine this year as well.  

The winged ones come from the direction of the East, the wellspring of Air and inspiration.  Augury is a practice of divining of birds.  Many traditions around the world view birds as messengers of the gods, teachers, guides, guardians, counselors, healers, clowns, peacemakers and meteorologists.  


There are so many astrological themes at play for 2018 and I'll share highlights of those with you in next week's ezine.  In the meantime, if you're considering the the Saturn Sessions I'm booking up for the next two weeks.  Email me to set up yours!

I've just returned from a short journey to Florida to visit my paternal lineage.  Given that Saturn is about to enter my house of roots, home, family and the past I was not surprised to kick off 2018 in a land that holds many of my subconscious memories. 

I came back with a deep peace and love for my past, including some of my greatest suffering and trauma.  I am so grateful for all of my experiences in life, including the really challenging times.  Getting to this place has been a true process of sitting with ancestral grief and I feel complete and whole in new ways. 

I also had the gift to meet with two of my elder friends, each whom I have know for over two decades, and both whom divinely attuned and priestesses in their own right.  This too was a balm for my heart.  I believe this gift to decode my past offers an opportunity in the ways I work with this beautiful community! 

My commitment to personal self mastery in 2018 is about going deeper within my field of studies, particularly astrology.  I am about to begin a Master's of Arts program in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.  My heart is so ready for this deep dive into the history of divination, the stars and the sacred sites of our Earth.  I am feeling how these threads of consciousness will weave into future pilgrimages, retreats and gatherings.  

The gates to the Adi Shakti Coven are closing on Monday 1/15 at 11 pm.  We have a truly magical web of women being from Asheville, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Nova Scotia and Switzerland!  The Call is alive and I bow to each of you for what we are about to embark upon.  We have space for a few more and I would love to welcome you with open arms.

Finally, I leave you with my latest interview with Natalie Ross of Dream Freedom Beauty.  Visit this link to hear her and I riff all about self care as a welcome to her Self Care Club.  As a gift for your self care I offer you 20% off any apothecary item with code HIGHPRIESTESS2018.

Infinite blessings,

Ra Ma

Saturn times: Self Mastery and Celebration 💎

Ra Ma

We have arrived at the closure of another year.  The lunar cycle that we are exploring is creating a beautiful chalice to reflect upon what we have learned over the past few years.  Since Saturn was in his final degree when this Sagittarius new lunation arrived, we are being given the space to mediate upon what we have learned. 

The ultimate teaching in this is to practice what you preach, to live your life authentically, to master your Fire.  And as Saturn transitioned from Fire to Earth, now is the time to DO your Saturn more than ever.  I'm offering the Saturn Sessions as a way to activate your diamond mind.  In these 30 minute sessions we will go deep into how to strategically work with the Saturn energy for the next few years and how this energy applies specifically to you.  You will walk away with clear tools to apply to do you daily rhythms.  


2018 is the year of Self Mastery.  2018 offers a numerological opportunity to live with the Diamond Mind.  This is all about walking your talk, harmonizing relationships and mastering your own field.  Imagine what the Earth would look like if we all decided to embody mastership.

This year I unveiled a number of offerings near and dear to my heart.  The Adi Shakti Coven is something I've been brewing over the past 18 years.  This mystery gathering space is a safe container for a any wise woman, witch, priestess, goddess lover, hag, maiden or mother that longs for depth and connection. We are intentionally connecting to Nature's rhythms as our foundation for all that we will explore together.

This first spiral of the Adi Shakti Coven will have a deep focus around lunar cycles, seasonal understanding and layers of consciously working with protection medicine. I am really excited to be bringing in some experts on street medical training and self defense ninja moves so that we walk through life empowered to handle any situation.

And now is the time to join with a NEW YEAR special in effect! We welcome Capricorn in Saturn with a willingness to build beauty and transformation in the world. Join now for a paid in full investment of $697 or monthly dues of $150. If you are feeling the Call read more here or send me an email for q&a. 

A Winter Solstice of Hope ⭐

Ra Ma

The ancients honored the Wheel of the Year.  From sacred sites like Stonehenge and Newgrange we find stones literally aligned with the rebirth of our great luminary, the Sun.  Last night, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere welcomed the longest night of the year.  For the next two days we meditate in a pregnant pause.  And from here a great renewal has begun.

Winter Solstice is a time that the Sun enters Capricorn and is the New Moon of the Wheel of the Solar Year.  We sit in the direction of the North and with the element of Earth. 

This is a time to connect to your stone tribe and I particularly love Labradorite for this time of year.  We worked with labradorite magic this past New Moon and will continue to at Renew Your Chalice next weekend.  What I love most about this stone is that as it increases intuition it carries the frequency of hope and possibility.  If you are wishing to invoke some ritual this time of year, scroll to the bottom of my ezine where you may join Entering Winter's Womb which will be available into the New Year.


With the Sagittarius New Moon, many a planet traversing the Galactic Center, Saturn ingressing into Capricorn, Winter Solstice and the Sun entering Capricorn we have experienced phenomenal astrological currents this week!  Mercury officially goes direct at 8:51 pm EST this evening, however won't be out of his shadow until 1/10/18. 

Traditionally the ancient Romans celebrated this time of year as Saturnalia.  One of my astrology mentors Demetra Georgia wrote about how this festival was about loosening the bonds of Saturn, giving people permission to cast off their burdens and to shed their blocks.  This festival reminds me of the Jewish holiday Purim as slaves became masters and masters became slaves during Saturnalia. 

Our Winter Solstice has a potent signature as Saturn entered his home sign of Capricorn late Tuesday night, less than two days before the Sun entered Capricorn.  This a rare phenonmenon and sets the tone for the entire Saturn in Capricorn transit. 

In honor of your self mastery and excellence I've created a special offering for you to sink into 2018 with, The Saturn Sessions.  These $44 30 minute sessions will be a magneficent way to jumpstart Saturn in Capricorn as you greet the New Year.  We will cover where Saturn is in your birthchart and how to utlize the power of this wisely.  This is truly the time to DO YOUR SATURN!  They are available beginning next week and you may email me to sign up.  Each session will take place on zoom and recorded for you to refer back to again and again.    

In addition to the Saturn Sessions, I'd love to cordially invite all of my readers who identify as woman to the Adi Shakti Coven.  I'm really looking forward to opening up a sacred space committed to great depth with those who have a resounding YES to the Call beginning January 16th.  

This first spiral of the Adi Shakti Coven will have a deep focus around lunar cycles, seasonal understanding and layers of consciously working with protection medicine.  I am really excited to be bringing in some experts on street medical training and self defense ninja moves so that we walk through life empowered to handle any situation.  If you are feeling the Call read more herefill out an application or email me for q&a.    

A blessed Solstice and merry gathering days to you and yours.  May this rebirth invoke the healing rays of hope and possibility!

⭐ Aim for Truth ⭐

Ra Ma

In studying the Sagittarius New Moon it is clear this lunation will be deep, reflective and potent with lots of starry wisdom.  The New Moon is conjunct the Galactic Center among Venus, the Sun and Saturn.  The Galactic Center is like the Cosmic Womb of the Great Mother.  A perfect place for reflection and rebirth as Saturn completes almost three years in Sagittarius.    

I'll be discussing the cosmic weather and how we may use these forces at the Women's Wisdom Circle on Monday 5:30-8:30 pm.  Join us!  This Sunday in my Women's Kundalini class we will do our Dark Moon medicine of letting go and clearing space.  


❄ snowy simplicity ❄

Ra Ma

The snow
began here
this morning and all day
continued, its white
rhetoric everywhere
calling us back to why, how,
whence such beauty and what
the meaning; such
an oracular fever! flowing
past windows, an energy it seemed
would never ebb, never settle
less than lovely! and only now,
deep into night,
it has finally ended.
The silence
is immense,
and the heavens still hold
a million candles, nowhere
the familiar things:
stars, the moon,
the darkness we expect
and nightly turn from. Trees
glitter like castles
of ribbons, the broad fields
smolder with light, a passing
creekbed lies
heaped with shining hills;
and though the questions
that have assailed us all day
remain — not a single
answer has been found —
walking out now
into the silence and the light
under the trees,
and through the fields,
feels like one.

~Mary Oliver~
excerpted from American Primitive

We welcomed our first snow of the season with play, reading, art making, warm broths, teas and baths.  While slowing down as the snow speaks, we are enjoying one another.  We are grateful for our home and warmth on this Venusian day of the Lover.  Our hearts and prayers go out to all in California whose lives are in disarray.  May all of us find shelter in those whom we love and cherish.

As a gift for your readership and your commitment to self discovery I am offering $111 off of the weekend investment for my Winter Solstice retreat.  For another week, from this Venus day to the next on 12/15 the retreat will be on special just for you.  Use the code RENEWREFILL.  

At the Bend of Ivy we will slow down, honor Yule also known as Winter Solstice, practice Kundalini yoga and meditation, eat nourishing prepared foods and drink warm teas all in sacred sisterhood.  We will have lots of time for deep council and rich ceremony.  And we will dive into the archetype of Inanna and her myth and story.  This will be our time to renew and rebirth. 
Snowy blessings,
Ra Ma  

🌕 full moon full light of consciousness 🌕

Ra Ma

The depths of Samhain have pulled me within.  I have been enjoying time away from social media and my ezine to expand my own study, practices and healing.  These days I've been geeking out with astrology and having so much fun learning.  The waves of expansion have felt nourishing to my soul.  We have some fierce forces coming our way with a Full Moon in Gemini on Sunday at 10:47 am EST and a Mercury retrograde 12/3-12/22.  As a Gemini I am always in love with the Gemini Full Moon as it is a power portal for me. 

That being said, this Full Moon is Full ON!  The asteroid Pandora is on the Sun opposing the Full Moon.  Essentially much will be coming to the surface in the realms of truths, consciousness, information, ideas and facts.  Light will be shed on all of this deep soul work we've been doing and this Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to heal some deep, old, karmic wounds that are up for clearing.  Clearing the old is essential for our cosmic evolution, so sit with that which is uncomfortable, breathe and observe with a willingness to shift. 


At the Bend of Ivy we will slow down, honor Yule also known as Winter Solstice, practice Kundalini yoga and meditation, eat nourishing prepared foods and drink warm teas all in sacred sisterhood.  We will have lots of time for deep council and rich ceremony.  And we will dive into the archetype of Inanna and her myth and story.  This will be our time to renew and rebirth. 

Full Lunation blessings.

scorpion depths ✨🌑

Ra Ma

Here we are, in the depths of the dark as we welcome Lunar Samhain.  Samhain is the time of the Dark Sun in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Sun is getting lower and lower in the sky and the nights are growing longer and longer.  Frost is beginning to cover the ground.  Seasonally we are being asked to let go, to shed and to go within. 

This is the time to let all that is ready to die in preparation for the rebirth of Yule on December 21st.  The veils between our world and the Otherworld are the thinnest and our ability to seek counsel and guidance from our guides, ancestors and other beings of service is heightened.  


This New Moon we have the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio.  We are being asked by the cosmic forces to channel our devotion into the depths.  We have an ability to heal and move mountains at this time.  In our individual lives we are a hologram for the greater collective.  As you bear witness and do your work, you assist all of humanity.  

The New Moon has Pluto and Mars at it's core--bringing about massive change.  The old ways are dying.  A new world is being birthed.  However first we must be willing to let go, to be transformed, to be willing to see that which has been hidden.   There is power in the presence of the Truth.  

And for now, we must do the work of letting go.
New Moon blessings,
Ra Ma  

the labyrinth of life 👣✨

Ra Ma

The trees held onto their glorious shades of color and now the fierce winds are blowing off that which is no longer needed.  The season of reflection and letting go is upon us.  It is such a blessing to let things die.  To be able to let go and dissolve.  Last weekend at the beach I let go of so much that was no longer serving me.  And I came back home renewed.  


As the leaves fall so elegantly and the temperature drops, I am feeling such a call to rest and restore.  To sit cozy indoors with a pot of tea and a stack of books feels deeply nourishing.  Whether we listen or not, we are all being called to slow down and conjure stillness.  

And with that, you are cordially invited to join me in retreat this December for a juicy opportunity to activate your yin.  Retreats are a profound way to invoke radical self care.  Being on a retreat allows one to pause from the daily rhythms of life and check in with oneself.  We create a space to ask ourselves questions like, How am I really doing?  What is working in my life?  What needs to shift?  I invite you to read my journal post on 8 ways a retreat will nourish you.    

The Renew Your Chalice retreat is an opportunity to get a taste of what we will be up to in the Adi Shakti Coven.  At the Bend of Ivy we will slow down, honor Yule also known as Winter Solstice, practice Kundalini yoga and meditation, eat nourishing prepared foods and drink warm teas all in sacred sisterhood.  We will have lots of time for deep council and rich ceremony.  And we will dive into the archetype of Inanna and her myth and story. 

I first met Inanna, the ancient Sumerian Goddess, Queen of Heaven and Earth in college in a class entitled First Woman.  We studied translations of the first text that some scholars believe is the first story we have written by a woman.  About 7 years later I again studied her in depth when I was becoming a certified Birthing From Within Doula and Childbirth Mentor.  Inanna's story is meaningful to all women and the journey we must take to honor the Underworld.  It is a powerful story about the labyrinth of life and I look forward to sharing it with you in December. 

For now, let's gather next Friday in my temple living room for the Dark Moon and a deep honoring of Lunar Samhain.   We will take off the masks that no longer serve us, honor our ancestors, meditate and invoke the dream state to divine important messages for the year to come!


coming out of the (witch) closet 🔮🌒✨

Ra Ma

The depths of Scorpio are calling us to meet our most mystical selves.  The barge has summoned us to begin the journey through the eye of the needle.

We turn to face the West and to honor that which is ready to die, that which is ready to be released.  We welcome the season of Samhain.  We welcome the thinning of the veils.  We welcome the Ancestors.  


I am in great awe of the transformation and alchemy that is occurring on planet Earth right now.  Eighteen of us committed to go deep, to be authentic, to be vulnerable and to craft a space for communal healing last weekend, at our Divining the Dark Goddess retreat.  Yes, in many ways it was just scratching the surface.  However in my heart, I know this sacred container of healing rippled out waves of what is possible for the collective of women, and therefore for the collective of humanity.

In honor of this great healing and this powerful time we are in, I wish to express my truth in ways I have been shy or hidden.

I am a Hedge Witch.  I am a Priestess.  Every cell of my being is here in service to our Earth, this beautiful living Goddess we have the honor of living upon.  I have consciously walked this path since my early 20s.  When I found myself living in Boston and LA I began to quiet these more magical essences in order to feel safe in the concrete jungle.  

Last summer I had a full awakening to how I had shut down some of my most important truths and was essentially playing small.  And now, I am coming fully out of the closet with the intention that in doing so, you feel permission to be your most authentic and real self.  And it is witch season after all! 

So stay tuned for a special offering that I am really excited to reveal to you next Friday.  In the meantime gather your crystal allies, scry with your favorite tools, dust off your divination cards, make friends with your power animals, give gratitude to your spirit guides and remember to leave an offering or two for your departed loved ones.  

Witchy blessings,
Ra Ma