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Ra Ma Kaur is a teacher in Asheville NC who awakens, activates and alchemizes with the modalities of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Resound Healing, Visionary Art, Plant and Stone Medicine.


Ra Ma Kaur is a highly observant soul-soother, change-maker and alchemist who loves working with women. Ra Ma calls on her study of Kundalini Yoga, Daoist Stone Medicine and Astrological Divination to inform her community offerings:  weekly classes, workshops, private mentorship, women’s lunar gatherings, ceremonies and international retreats. In Ra Ma’s apothecary, you’ll find handcrafted stone and plant medicines infused with mantra and meditation. Ra Ma completed her 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Certification at Kripalu in 2006, a 60 Hour Prenatal Kundalini Teacher Training in 2008, and earned her 220 Hour Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification in 2015.  She has completed 2 of the 5 modules necessary for Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Certification.  She lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her husband and daughter and serves as the President of the Board of the French Broad Food Coop.

the voices of the wells 🌒

Ra Ma

Yesterday we began a new lunar cycle infused with a focus on partnerships, the sacred dance between the self and the other, the yin and the yang.  This Moon (and the Sun) directly opposed Uranus, the Great Awakener, the rebel, the higher mind.  These forces will guide our next month.  This New Moon is unapologetically about shaking anything loose that is no longer serve us.   

This time has a great potential to be intense, as Uranus really shakes things up.  If we are willing to look deeply, we have the ability to witness our blindspots and grow deeply.  At it's worse we may continue in the realms of denial, delusion and avoidance.  

We are being asked What Truths are we willing to face?  Where are we spiritually bypassing?  What is out of balance?  What do we sweep under the rug to play nice?  

To get through these times breathe long and deep and chant Sat Nam often.  Sat Nam reminds you of your greatest Truth.  

And I offer you a story as medicine.  

🌹 13 🌹

Ra Ma

Today we welcomed Friday the 13th.  The number 13 has been honored and regarded by lovers of the Goddess through the ages.  Each annual cycle contains 13 moons, and therefore a woman will have 13 menstrual cycles a year.  The sacred number of 13 carries information about blood and fertility.    

Patriarchy hijacked this day long ago.  Consider how many buildings refrain from having a 13th floor?  Hollywood has created a whole mythology to make one feel fear with the 13th.  The question is why?  Women have been taught to fear their bodies and their blood.  We are years beyond years of programing that we as women are unholy.  A large part of this Divine Feminine reclamation is all about radical self love.  A Friday the 13th can open a portal into this consciousness.

Fridays are a sacred day of love and beauty and of the Goddess Venus.  Venus is all about art, creativity, beauty and the social world.  Venus teaches that human liberty depends upon an intimate relationship to nature.  Venus asks us to wed human creativity with Nature for a true love affair.  Earth is considered to be Venus's sister, and one of the greatest paths we can take is a conscious cultivation of art, love and beauty on this planet.


This past Tuesday Jupiter entered Scorpio where it will traverse for the next 13 months.  Scorpio embodies the art of transformation.  It is the only sign of the zodiac that has 3 archetypes:  the scorpion, the snake and the phoenix.  Perhaps Jupiter in Scorpio will teach us that we too can benefit from death and rebirth.  

This journey will allow us to meet our deepest selves, our mystical selves and our magnetic selves. And we will meet that which is ready to die.

As we face the West and honor that which is in the flow, we can allow seamlessly that which is ready to die. When we choose to hold on and resist we create tension and amplified grief.  We have so much to learn collectively, and I imagine many shadows and secrets to be revealed over the next 13 months.

This is the time to gather with your community in your sacred circles for a supportive descent.  Next week I have two offerings to cast a conscious commitment to begin this exploration with the taboo, the mystery and the Truth.  

Click here to reserve your space for the Libra New Moon Women's Wisdom and Divining the Dark.  Liv and I extended the last call to sign up for our retreat on Monday 10/16 at noon.  

Jupiter in Scorpio favors deep exploration into inner knowing, shadow work and therapeutic work.  This is a time to own what is taboo to you and to learn more about why.  In this journey it's also important to deeply witness where we check out, where we give away our power and where we take power away.  

Practices like Kundalini Yoga and divination tools like Astrology are especially supportive during these times.  A consistent practice will nourish your transformation.  

Autumnal blessings,
Ra Ma  

a living prayer ✨🙏🏽 ✨

Ra Ma

This week we were met with a fiery full harvest moon in Aries.  Our wild warrior selves are beings stirred as we harvest the seeds of our intentions that were planted on the last New Moon in September.

This year of the red rooster, the year of alchemy of fire and water is teaching so many of us on a personal level about our light, our empowerment, our growth edge and about our capacity to make a difference.  And it is teaching us about our collective shadow.  We are being given many an opportunity to wake up and take these precious bodies and our planet as sacred.

With the madness, the chaos, the destruction and the violence that is being stirred up in the collective we are being asked to continually come back to being a living prayer of devotion in action.

aries full moon.png

So how does this look?  Each one of us needs a daily practice of grounding, of coming home and of rooting (visit this link to check my latest interview for some tips).  From this solid place we can calibrate and find our clarity of mind and the truth of our heart.  Every step along the way is a practice.  Practice is about consistency.  It is about showing up when you absolutely cannot.  It is about crawling on your hands and knees when you cannot muster the energy.  

There is much being stirred as Pluto, the force of deep transformation and death squared yesterday’s Full Moon.  As Pluto stirs up those deep hidden identities intensity occurs.  Pluto activates power and control issues, and we are seeing this in our personal lives and the collective.  In the past month we have seen massive natural disasters affect lives, we have seen our nation’s leader speak in ways that is far from leadership, we have witnessed a terrorist attack with gun violence that affected hundreds and we are teetering on the verge of nuclear war with North Korea, a country that breeds it’s citizens to despise us.  And there is more.  So much more.  

It’s so easy to want to stick our heads in the sand, blow off steam with our addictions and check out.  And yet, if we can hold steady to our practice, if we may spiral back to being a living prayer of devotion in action then we are choosing a path that is life affirming.

Devotion, art and community are some of my favorite cures.  As the forces of darkness continue their parades we can keep up with our living prayers of devotion.  

Need inspiration?  I offer weekly classes filled with astrological divination, movement, meditation and deep gong sound healing.  Private sessions are a great opportunity to dive into the depths of your healing and understanding of who you are and how to activate your destiny.  Also monthly Women’s Wisdom gatherings are a great place to connect and build community.  My dear friend Liv and I are offering a Fall retreat and the magic is building.  I invite you to join in any way that you may.

May you make love everywhere you go!

divining the dark 🌘🌑🌒

Ra Ma


We began our Fall Moon Daughters council on Monday and our theme was the East, the element of air and the rising Sun.  I've been enjoying consciously honoring the Sun each morning since then and having a sacred container that is anchoring me in my commitment to self care and self love.  As one considers the light, one must also consider the dark.  Just as the Sun rises each day, it also sets and we find completion.  

Pluto has just gone direct after being retrograde since April.  Pluto demands of us to know our darkness and to honor death, transformation and rebirth.  Pluto asks us to dive into the depths to find the Truth, to see where the power and control issues lie, while ruling over all sexuality, debts, taxes and structures.  As above, so below, as within, so without.  We are seeing the truths bubble up to the surface in our world and each one of us is being given a mirror to see them bubble up from within.


As we approach October I would love to personally welcome you to a Women's Wisdom retreat in Hot Springs October 20th-22nd.  My dear friend Liv and I are collaborating to offer you a sweet, powerful weekend where we can dive into the depths.  As the veil begins to thin we will gather as a community of women to invoke the Otherworld.  Liv will invite the Kontomble also known as the Little People to offer their council.  As we enter Scorpio season, we will work with Dark Goddess archetype and share how we may invite these energies to transform our lives.  Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing will align and calibrate our bodies.  And the food--it will be divinely nourishing, all organic, vegetarian, gluten free and lovingly prepared!

Liv and I met this lifetime at an ancient redwood tree in California in ritual with the Kontomble.  Since then we've been collaborating in various ways while deepening our connection.  Our bond is full of love, mutual respect, care and understanding.  Since we are faciliating this retreat, we've had the great honor of having the Dark Goddess energy work on us in preparation.  It has been powerful!  

We are drawing from our well of resources to share with you from our depths what we've experienced in this lifetime.  As a sacred circle we will offer this as a healing for our Ancestors and a healing for the beautiful land that will hold us.  You may sign up here.

mabon 🍃🍂🍃

Ra Ma

As day and night find equal balance, and harvest finds it’s completion we welcome Mabon.  We welcome the polarities of light and dark, young and old, feminine and masculine, yin and yang, conscious and unconscious.  

The days shorten and now we begin to make preparations for winter.  However before we prepare for Winter’s descent, this is the time to stop and adjust.  The Equinox heralds Libra season and we greet the archetype of the diplomat, the peacekeeper, the seeker of justice, the mediator, the lover and the judge.  This is the one sign of the twelve of the zodiac where the glyph is not a creature, instead we are met with the scales.  Libra also invokes the Egyptian goddess of justice Maat.  

Libra is ruled by one of my favorite planets, Venus.  A guiding force of values, art, form, shape, beauty and color, Venus is a sister to Earth.  She teaches about self love and self worth and what we value while Libra elevates this into the committed relationship.  Libra asks How do we consider one another?  And how may we collaborate and cooperate more harmoniously?   


We can invite these questions into our lives as a living prayer.  Perhaps you begin within and ask these questions in regards to your relationship with Self.  And then you begin to ask these questions in regards to how you show up for those whom you are closest to?  And on a higher octave how do we relate and cooperate with humanity as a whole?

My family and I have been celebrating Rosh Hoshanna, the Jewish New Year for the past two days and nights.  This is the time of year where some mythologies tell of the birth of the Earth.  We eat apples and honey to welcome the sweetness of life and the sweetness of that which we will create in the year to come.  We also create intentions for the next year ahead, while taking stock of where we have come.  This is a beautiful time to reflect on all you have accomplished in the past year.  How have you stretched and grown?  

And we must also acknowledge all of the intensity our Earth has been bubbling up the past few weeks, months and years.  Many, many people are struggling.  So many have lost homes and everything they had, even family members.  To sit with the polarity of the light and the dark of life can be intense, and yet it is necessary.

May you use this time to observe the extremes in your life and find a way to invoke balance, celebrating justice and equality.  As we balance between dark and light, feminine and masculine, yin and yang may you hold steady a vision for peace, bounty and prosperity for all.

Mabon blessings

activating the healer 💜✨

Ra Ma

Virgo is the sign of the mind body healer, the humble one, the organizer, the devotee, the analyst.  Since we entered Virgo season I have found myself tending to places and parts that have been untouched.  Last week I wrote about the importance of finding ways to invite more self care into your life.  I came across this in depth article about some of the challenges one may face on this journey and felt called to share.  It is written with those who struggle with depression as an audience, however it's truly relevant to all.

We are in the final stretch of Virgo Season.  The loving and helpful energy of of the New Moon in Virgo that visits us next Wednesday will assist us with grounding the energies we have received since the Eclipse season of this Summer.  There are still a few spaces available to join our New Moon Women's Wisdom circle Tuesday 5:30-8:30 pm.  

In honor of all that you may be experiencing I wish to close with an offering of Azeztulite for your conscious evolution.   I pulled this card for you as I was writing this ezine, and it's so spot on as we bring closure to Virgo season.  This deck is created by Judy Hall who is a true crystal master and a cosmic teacher.  While in Glastonbury on our pilgrimage she transmitted some profound energy to our circle of women.  It was so powerful that my phone blew out for about 5 hours.  The photos above show one taken by my phone and one taken by another woman's who didn't have the blow out.  Wild!


cosmic evolution

You are a being of life here to assist Earth in her evolution.  Although you need to rise above mundane concerns, keep your feet on the ground and deal with the everyday.  Too much emphasis on sweetness and light leads to ignoring your shadow energies, which become inauthentic--and lethal--niceness if not acknowledged and integrated.  Stay real and leave your ego behind.  

adapted from The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle
by Judy Hall

a whole new book 📖 💎⚡

Ra Ma

As I’m distilling the wisdom transmitted on the Falling in love with Gaiapilgrimage, I am in the process of reinstating my self care routine.  To be honest and vulnerable-- since the summer of 2016 I got off of my self care routine.  

Each day I would say to myself--just one more full day of admin--just one more email--even though that entailed many hours sitting at my computer.  I avoided the things I love the most including long walks outdoors, daily herbal nourishing infusions, infrared saunas and extended play with my family.  Like so many of us Western folks do, I pushed myself hard.  

We are witnessing the rise and rebirth of the Divine Feminine and yet so many of us are still living our lives in the throes of the Patriarchy.  The most revolutionary act is carving out more time for yin activities, more time for stillness, for deep listening and deep receiving. 

Yet it’s challenging to enact this in our daily lives because our world hasn’t aligned with the rhythms of the feminine.  The demands of technology pressure one to constantly answer calls, texts and social media messages.  We are expected to do more, and more and more.  

However if we look at the multitude of “natural” disasters including fires, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and tsunami warnings happening right now (like today!!!), our Earth is literally demanding we slow down and deeply take stock of how we are living. 


Each one of us is a holograph of the collective.  So how to stoke the first fires of this much needed Divine Feminine revolution?  

Simply take good care of yourself, your living temple.  At times this may seem selfish and totally purposeless when shit is hitting the fan.  However after spending many hours yesterday, tilted back in an awkward dental chair, I can personally attest there is nothing selfish about taking good care of yourself.  When you choose to offer impeccable care in honor of self, you save money, time, resources, emotional health and so much more energy that you may in turn devote to others and our Earth.

The first step is to outline what your self care needs are.  And to evolve them.  I personally recommend evolving your care with the seasons, as your needs will shift as the weather shifts.  Make sure there are elements of healthy dietary choices, plenty of clean water, body care products you can pronounce, being outdoors in nature, physical activity that brings on a sweat, deep meditation and enrichment that deeply nourishes your soul.  

On the day of the eclipse while abroad in Glastonbury I said, “This eclipse is more than writing a new chapter in your life, it’s the chance to write a whole new book.”  We are fire walking in this time of great opportunity.  

What are you weaving in this new web of life?  

And what are you willing to let go of to create more space for that which you love?  

fire walking 🔥

Ra Ma

On this Venus day we welcome the first day of September.  I'm sitting at my desk for the first time in weeks.  To sit here feels immense and honestly almost unbearable.  On a personal level I have been through deep transformation as I stewarded a pilgrimage for eleven other women in Glastonbury.  

The potency of this journey fills me with deep hope and gratitude.  I am fired up about serving women and creating authentically deep community.  And in some ways it seems so luxurious as one considers the daily headlines.  My heart is filled with gratitude of simple pleasures of a clean dry home while many lives around the world are literally being washed away.

For many of us the potency of the eclipse is still being felt.  On February 15th the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius meets the degree that the total solar eclipse in Leo just met.  For these next 5 months we are all fire walking as the activations deepen.

The month of September is the time to begin to calibrate and integrate the dramatic fire of August and it's series of revelations and reprogramming.  With the Virgo solar energy at play and Mars and Mercury aligning with the Leo eclipse degree it's full steam ahead with the transmissions received.  

You can expect more to transpire this weekend and early next week.  Mars aligns with the eclipse degree on Sunday and on Tuesday Mercury goes direct.  Our world is birthing itself anew, and as we go through these transitions we feel the great labor pains.  With this comes swells of doubt as well as the surges of exhilarating hormones.  


Many of us are truly awakening to our power for the first time in our lives.  Many of us are healing our lineages in ways that have yet to be done.  Many of us are creating some of the most beautiful communities that have ever been birthed.

Our country is rebirthing on many levels.  We are nearing the front line faster than ever before as we build up to our nation's Pluto return in 2022.  All of the isms are becoming bolder while the lines of haves and have nots are becoming dramatically wider.  Our culture is dying in many ways.  

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, we are dying so that we may be reborn.  Part of this death, this diving into the depths is about the ways our culture has harmed so many.  

I truly believe we are only given the tests that our souls can handle.  I also believe that solutions are abound and that we are extremely creative, rich people that can build anything beautiful if we just get out of the way of ourselves.  I also believe in the power of rich modalities like Kundalini Yoga, Sound healing, Stone Medicine, Earth Medicine and ceremony to anchor us, to provide clarity and to assist us in drawing down new solutions.

Join me in this revolution.  Do you need need support along the way?  Now through September 15th I will donate 20% of all proceeds made from my apothecary and services to families in need in Houston.

A total eclipse of the Heart 🌑🌹✨

Ra Ma


We are inching closer to a radical paradigm shift.

Greetings friends and lovers of life! 

I've been missing writing my weekly ezine AND I'm deeply immersed in day 12 of a 16 day pilgrimage in Glastonbury. I'll be back next week with more to share. 

So much beauty is transpiring for our sweet circle of women here on these powerful key lines. This rainbow just graced our presence. It is the second we have been blessed with between the eclipses. The first was immediately after the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

My heart is full and deeply grateful. And at the same time I'm feeling much grief stirred up in the collective. We were at Stonehenge in ceremony this morning and I was struck immediately by the grief there. The stones were so different than when I was there 14 years ago. What they shared was how many hearts are closed and how these hearts also holographically represent portals that are closed. 

What is also true is that we are rapidly accelerating. We have so much potential over the next few days as we blast through time and space with the Eclipse. What we weave on Monday which is also the New Moon, has the potential to affect us for the next two and a half years. So weave wisely dear ones. 

I'm holding you in my heart as I give so much gratitude for pilgriming through the heart chakra of Earth during this special time. We have been humbly and consciously sharing our energetic work with you through the leys with this Earth Medicine. 

From my heart to yours--

with love and infinite blessings,
Ra Ma

thriving in this eclipse season✨ 👑✨

Ra Ma

Coming up in August we have some important dates to be aware of.  The Lion's Gate portal opens August 3.  On August 7th we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  The Lion's Gate day is August 8, a time of major manifestation and magic.  And finally on August 21 we have the second Leo New Moon and the Total Solar Eclipse!

I'd love to offer my favorite techniques to center within times of immense energy:

  • Give gratitude each morning for at least 3 things in your present life that you are thankful for 
  • Look yourself in the eye in the morning each day and speak of your beauty and the qualities that make you shine
  • Mentally chant V I C T O R Y anytime you go negative and press the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth
  • Meditate each day for at least 3 minutes, even if it's just long deep breathing
  • Take cold showers to keep your nervous system calibrated
  • Drink lots of water
  • Pay great ATTENTION!!!  Drive slower than normal, refrain from texting/calling while driving.  Give yourself more time to get places.  
  • Anytime you find yourself swept up in confusion come right back to your heart, to your T R U T H

the supreme time to work your mojo 🔥

Ra Ma

Welcome to Eclipse season!  This Eclipse season is flavored with the power of the Divine Feminine.  As we sit in the period of the Black Moon through the wee hours of Sunday, we are dwelling with the Dark Moon.  During this phase we are able to see that which is hidden, where light is needed.  

This is a powerful time of initiation before our first Leo New Moon of the Summer.  Although uncomfortable at times, Dark Moon phase allows us to fully face habitual patterns and lessons that are up for review.   It is necessary to clear, as we must make space for the new. 

The energy right now is mega intense as it's layered with many fiery elements, namely the Grand Fire Trine.  Ultimately the energy is in flow and being guided by the Divine Feminine, therefore held in the love frequency.  The way through is to stay within the heart, your personal truth, your Sat Nam.  Meditation and heart clearing are pretty much essential right now.  

We are full on in Leo Season until late August and the major theme that is up for review for each one of us is that only we can crown ourselves, only we can initiate ourselves.  This is the supreme time to work your mojo.

It's up to each one of us to step forward as sovereign, authentic beings and to serve our highest wisdom, our communities and therefore all of humanity.  As we know, the personal is political.  As within, so without, as above so below.  What one experiences, many experience.  And the collective experience right now is ALL about stepping up the game, embracing our true power and shining that light like never before.  Are you ready?